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  1. A little more information https://www.pcworld.com/article/3300620/components-processors/amd-loses-another-key-executive-jim-anderson-as-it-shifts-manufacturing-to-tsmc.html
  2. https://www.techpowerup.com/247028/intel-gags-customers-from-publishing-performance-impact-of-microcode-updates
  3. It would have been great if they totally didn't break hardware vertex processing ...
  4. I believe this is AMDs intention. They have high yields so this just saves them the trouble of disabling cores to meet demand for lower end chips. How do we get more people to buy Ryzen chips? I know since people will be deciding between X amd chip and Y intel chip why don't we also include a lottery. Have a medium to high chance to get an even better chip in disguise. This way people will be even more driven to buy the amd chip. And if they don't win the lottery of getting the hidden chip then the consumer doesn't lose anything since they were originally deciding between X an
  5. In dx12 and vulkan the 260x will beat the 750ti. In dx11 the 260x will win/lose depending on the game. In OpenGL the 260x will lose to the 750ti.
  6. Please rename the topic. It's clickbait and misleading. There is a difference between sell and lose.
  7. The WAN show is pretty much the only videos I follow , other than that 1-2 videos here and there from the whole month. If I want to see a review , benchmarks ..etc I just check Gamers Nexus , Hardware Unboxed , AdoredTV For tech news Redgamingtech Other discussions Jay ..etc To me they seem totally unprofessional , forced , very little information. Adding comedy is fine if you do it right ofc but right now the videos are just talking/shouting ..etc trying too much which seems distasteful. The video titles look like some spam emails that you get.
  8. You should add annotations , comment on the video , add it in the description and other things if you're not going to re upload the video. It's a bit misleading to people that only watch on youtube.
  9. Agreed. I just recommended that since I see OP upgrading it soon and he's on a tight budget. Ideally I'd recommend going for a 2x 8gb kit. Or getting a 2x 4gb kit , selling it sometime in the future and getting a 2x 8gb kit however that just adds more cost.
  10. Get 1x 8gb stick now and another 8bg stick in the future.
  11. If you have an amd gpu and relive drivers then msi afterburner won't work. It will crash your system.