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    PumaXCS reacted to TVwazhere in S340 120mm radiator clearance   
    In theory you should be able to, I think the bigger issue will be RAM clearance with the top rad, as i dont believe it was intended to hold a radiator. I've seen push/pull in the back and it looked like it still had enough clearance for a top fan, so on the off chance a top rad fits, as long as you do one fan each you should be good
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    PumaXCS got a reaction from TVwazhere in S340 120mm radiator clearance   
    Huh. I can't believe after all this time looking I never noticed that 3/4 RAM modules are covered by the fan slot. I was going to get Vengeance LPX or LED so guess that means the LPX is my best bet. I'm still waiting for Vega to make my final decision so I have some time to view other options for hardware and cases. Really like the look of the Mini C. Thanks
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    PumaXCS reacted to Enderman in Mitsubishi faked fuel economy test   
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    PumaXCS got a reaction from GetShrektMrKrabs in Great Full tower case?   
    Corsair 600C, 780T, 760T, 750D. Fractal R4/R5. Phanteks Enthoo series, Evolv.
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    PumaXCS reacted to Sevilla in Using a 5 year old PC is really sad according to Apple   
    Source: http://www.dailydot.com/technology/phil-schiller-sad/
    In my time I've owned several Apple products, be it laptops, MP3 players, or desktop units. I am not an Apple hater, nor am I an Apple fanboy. What I am is a tech savvy individual who has a clear understanding of what getting your money's worth means. I am also an IT guy who works with both Apple and PC equipment daily in an enterprise environment.
    The idea that a 5 year old PC is considered sad took me aback. My current ESXI 6.0 server runs on an old HPZ800 on dual E5620s whose glory days were roughly 6 or so years ago. My media center PC runs on an old HP Z210 on an i7 2600 from about 5 years ago. I have a few laptops running Windows XP and a netbook on an Intel Atom N475 from roughly 2010 running Windows 10. Some of them are slow (XP machines with standard HDDs) and some are very fast for today's standards. I have old computers, and I disagree with saying that using my 5+ year old machines are sad. My machines do what they are tasked to do without problems, and maybe that is because I am a technician. I keep my machines updated, I'll upgrade a few components on the cheap, and I will reinstall the OS and ensure everything is working. Is that sad? No. It's being resourceful, it's being thrifty, and it's being smart. More importantly, it's not being wasteful.
    Let's talk about the 1st problem about the statement made, and that's the bold assumption that a brand new shinny Apple tablet is better than a PC, current or 5 years old. It's not. A tablet is a niche device, just like ultrabooks, and just like netbooks were back in the day. To compare a tablet to a PC of any reasonable age (not talking Commodore 64 era) is a poor comparison because you're talking apples and oranges (see what I did there?). The utility of a PC/desktop device to this day remains important to several people who use them for productivity, gaming, or just trivial things. I can't plug 5 monitors to an iPad (don't ask), I can't upgrade the graphics on an iPad, I can't upgrade ANYTHING on an iPad. I can, however, upgrade just about everything on a 5 year old PC and make it great again. So once again, poor comparison is poor. 
    What's the real problem with the statement? They'll say anything to market this to anyone who is willing to pay for their stuff (then again, so would most companies,) they'll even bash their own products and point out how slow and obsolete they are when the new revision is out, and here is the messed up part: people buy into this. Suddenly your iPad became slow, suddenly your MacBook doesn't work, yadda yadda...This truly goes beyond just Apple and their tablet, but how they view computing as a whole. 
    But 1st, a walk down memory lane...
    I remember when I owned my 1st sleek PowerBook G4. I originally got it because my girlfriend got one from school since her program required her to have one--and it was also part of the cost of her tuition. I got one because the software was interesting, it was different, and it looked cool. The operating system was shiny, user friendly, and well rounded. I had to try one out. Last time So I bought one for about 1600 dollars. It was neat and cool to have, but it just didn't offer everything I wanted, nor software that matched what I had on a Windows laptop. Eventually after some time I sold it and got half of my original investment (less than a year old--lesson learned, so I thought).
    A couple of years passed and I saw the new MacBook Pros, now with Intel processors. I blame Keifer Sutherland because he voiced the commercial Apple used to show the world that Apples now used Intel, and were no longer trapped in "dull little boxes." Also boot camp was a thing too! I had to have one because now I'd have no excuse to wanting to switch back to a Windows PC. The decision at the time came as follows: buy a $1300 Dell XPS laptop, or a $1700 MacBook Pro. The XPS came with an NVIDIA GPU, and the Apple with a Radeon. Back then I didn't bleed green or red, and I really enjoyed the Apple ecosystem, so I dove and bought the Apple again. I came to realize that spending 1700 on a laptop was a foolish idea, and all I bought into was the marketing, and the premium of both owning a Mac and owning a laptop that looked so sleek. This time around, I learned my lesson.
    Today Apples and PCs are nothing but similar hardware on varying custom PCBs. You can run OS X on PC hardware and Windows on OS X hardware. The only difference is the OS and software (desktop/laptop/tablets alike). What you're buying is the same thing I bought many years ago: a sleek look and different software that does the same thing. I won't deny some Apple software does some things better than their PC counterparts, but does that apply to everyone who owns an Apple computer? Is everyone a photo/video/audio editor? No, but Apple wants us to believe we all could be should we choose to. They empower us to believe we have the ability to do what we want with their products at the expense of our bank accounts.
    But let's focus, an Apple tablet is better than my 5 year old i7 2600 with 8GB of DDR3 RAM running a GTX 760, right? I'm not sold on that thought.
    Everyone is entitled to buy what they want and use their money how they choose to, and maybe my take is that of someone whose disposable income is saved rather than spend on shinny things. I am not a photo/video/audio editor, nor will probably ever be one. I am a tech at heart and someone who is always looking to educate people on the wonderful world of technology.
    At the end of the day, to each their own, but these are just my 2 cents (which I saved by not buying an Apple tablet). Don't mind me though, I'll be working on my sad 5 year old PC in my corner.
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    PumaXCS reacted to Yoinkerman in Federal judge FORCES Apple to help FBI decrypt San Bernardino killers iPhone 5C   
    it sounds like they're fishing and trying to set a precedent with a "omg but hes a terrorist" case in order to get their foot in the door.
    the offender is dead.  He can't be tried.
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    PumaXCS reacted to Humbug in Polaris 11 could have 8.6 billion transistors.   
    I'm betting that regardless of who wins the polaris vs pascal round they will be within 15% of each others general performance... Like they always are. Don't see anybody totally wiping the floor with it, based on recent GPU wars history...
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    PumaXCS reacted to 50mm in [Project Log] REINFORCED - TUF - Z170 Sabertooth - 980Ti SLI   
    Ok guys, it took a long time but i'm now ready to post some more final pics. Didn't have much time lately due to my study but i really hope i can start modding again soon since there are many other projects i planned for 2016.
    Let's start with the photos, this time with UV lighting ON!




















    I hope you like these photos!
    I again want to thank all my sponsors and everyone who supported me with this project! I really enjoyed it and would love to do more builds like this one in future.
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    PumaXCS got a reaction from TheRandomness in old high end card vs new mid range   
    I would get something like a R9 280/290 for an "older" card. You start digging too far back and the support starts to get flaky. 
    If the options are GTX 500 series or current, I'd go current.
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    PumaXCS reacted to ZenModz in THE POWER CELL - ZenModz "COMPLETED"   
    Some better pic's this time. The camera on my phone makes things look to have too much colour. The pic's below are true to the look of the case.

    Hope you all like.

    Thanks again for stopping by. will post finale photos as soon as I can.

    Cheers Ken.
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    PumaXCS reacted to PROTOMAN247 in [US-Newegg] WD Black 1TB 7200 RPM HDD - $65   
    You mean white and gold right?
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    PumaXCS reacted to SuicideAnomaly in looking for 34" 3440x1440 IPS G-Sync curved monitor without QA problems   
    Metro, is going to burn you at the stake for condemning Asus like that. ;-)
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    PumaXCS reacted to ZetZet in Dell announces UP3017Q 4K OLED Ultrasharp display that costs $4999 - CES 2016   
    There you go OLED lovers, have at it. Only 4999.
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    PumaXCS reacted to Syntaxvgm in "Five-year-old passes Microsoft exam"   
    Not to be racist, but he looks like an Indian tech support guy already. 

    It's both cute and uncanny/creepy. 
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    PumaXCS reacted to SteveGrabowski0 in {US-Newegg] Phanteks Enthoo Pro M - $60 after rebate   
    $70 with a $10 MIR for one of the best ATX mid towers.
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    PumaXCS reacted to Albatross in CS:GO is the best selling game on steam in 2015. Beats GTA V and Fallout 4.   
    Why though? The game is so terrible.
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    PumaXCS reacted to dalekphalm in Swiss government wants universal charger for Smartphones in 2017   
    This could have really bad implications. What if the industry doesn't respond fast enough? Who makes the call to decide which new connector to implement? What if a superior-in-every-way connector is invented, but not adopted by the EU? *Cough* HDMI on TV's even though DP is better *cough*
    As much as I'm not a big Apple Fan, the Lightning connector is awesome. It's just a tad expensive - though if everyone and their mother used Lightning, I bet the costs would come down at least some.
    My major fear is that this will actually cause stagnation. We might end up being stuck on USB 3.0/3.1 C for years or decades because no one wants to invest in a connector that has no guarantee of even being allowed to be used on a phone.
    It might also give the USB consortium a defacto monopoly, if they are the ones who "decide" (Granted, they pretty much already have one, but as it stands right now, new and innovative connectors (eg: Lightning) are still able to come out).
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    PumaXCS reacted to ZenModz in THE POWER CELL - ZenModz "COMPLETED"   
    Last update till completed.

    Thanks for stopping by.
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    PumaXCS reacted to typographie in Will Changing Your Resolution Change Your Mouse Sensitivity?   
    Your mouse sensitivity per se will not change, but your perception of it will. If you're crossing more pixels per inch, you will need to bump your sensitivity up in order for the mouse to feel as fast as it did at lower DPI.
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    PumaXCS reacted to Real_PhillBert in Should America ban guns?   
    I impulse bought a new lower today, and they wanted to do a background check... The internet told me there are no background checks at all in the US, so I was a bit confused. /s
    But seriously, check out my new lower!
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    PumaXCS reacted to SansVarnic in Should America ban guns?   
    Here is the thing.
    America is unable to place a ban on guns period. The constitution in it current form prevents this.
    The debate on a gun ban is not pointless but essentially a waste of time for the most part. The time, the undertaking, the massive amount of cooperation it will take to accomplish a goal of changing the constitution is tremendous not to mention nearly impossible in today's politics. The process to change or add an amendment takes about 4-7 years but cannot exceed 7 years or the process is considered null by law and must be restarted.
    Please read the spoiler or click the following link; https://www.archives.gov/federal-register/constitution/

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    PumaXCS reacted to JAKEBAB in Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to give away 99% of shares   
    That's stupid i'd at least keep $5 billion.
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    PumaXCS reacted to bmawn in [Build Log] Project Dark Knightmare   
    Hello everyone. Things have been standing still here, I know and for that I apologize.
    I've really wanted to be able to update and build but parts were missing hindering me to continue and believe me, I hate having to wait cause of something I cannot alter. But now I've recieved some fittings that I needed so I completed the loop today, leading to me performing a leak test although with the copper tubing instead of glass (still waiting for that though...)
    Everything worked out fine, there was some air getting caught in a lot places I believe so it took a while for the pump to bleed out the air. The feeling of success was also present as this was the first time I tried out the pump after resoldering and redoing the cables. It turns out my molex to 6 pin "mod" worked!
    I also have an announcement to make so stay tuned
    Until next update enjoy this high res pic:

    Please tell me if a single high res pic is too painful to load and I'll change it.
    But I feel that things are really shaping up for this build and I am really glad. Looking forward to getting this build finished early next week.
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    PumaXCS reacted to Drez in Predator X34 vs Predator XB270HU   
    Thank you for only proving my point further.  Acer, Acer, Acer.  You sound like Jan from the Brady Bunch.  That entire post was about Acer this or Acer that.  Not only that, but you completely ignored the fact that your beloved Asus is having quality control issues of their own with the new ROG Swift; which the first gen of the monitor had issues as well.  I can almost guarantee that the PG348Q will have it's own issues.  ALL monitors that are pushing the bleeding edge are going to have issues Metro.  Get over it.  If you're not prepared to be an early adopter than go buy a monitor like the original ROG Swift and go about your business.  Your posts are not helpful in the slightest.  The only thing they do is bash Acer.  I follow this forum daily and I see a lot of people posting and making suggestions and actually helping others.  The only time I EVER see you post is when someone even utters the word Acer.
     I do however agree with on how terrible Acer is handling this.  I've followed the post on Acer's boards and listen to people saying they're deleting posts.  I don't work for Acer so I'm not sure what they're doing, but obviously they're not going to be able to fix everything at once.  They fixed the blue banding issue week one and now they're working on the WFS issue (which isn't as big of an issue as coil whine or it not overclocking to 100hz for some people), so they are working on it.  These things take time.  It's just not possible to fix everything at one time.  I'm not sure what field you work in, but as someone in the IT industry, you have to break problems down to smaller problems and fix from there.  There is no magic one time corrective action that will fix everything.  I wish they were more verbal about what they were doing but as soon as one of their people post about what they're currently doing, they get attacked by others saying "OMG!@# @!# Well what are you doing about this issue!??!?!?!".  Again, it takes time.  If you can't be patient while they work on it, avoid buying new tech.
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    PumaXCS reacted to Drez in Predator X34 vs Predator XB270HU   
    Please avoid listening to Metro.  He only posts on this forum to bash Acer.  He never actually has any constructive information.
    I'll put a little disclaimer on this post before I continue.  A lot of new monitors that are on the bleeding edge of monitor technology are facing quality control issues.  Even Metro's beloved Asus.  Their brand new ROG Swift pg279q for example is suffering from a few issues itself.
    Now then for the question itself.  Either monitor is an excellent choice.  I personally would recommend the X34 because ultrawide is awesome; or if you prefer Asus, they have their version of the X34 the PG348q coming out soon as well.  Fallout 4 will require a few modifications to make it compatible with ultrawide.  I've been told they were working on an official fix for it however.  A lot of newer games do support ultrawide resolutions.  If you are playing any games competitively, I'd recommend the Acer XB270HU or the Asus PG279Q for that wonderful 144hz.  If you're not playing competitively, ultrawide is the way to go.  More real estate and it's very immersive.  Plus, if you have nvidia card, gsync is amazing.
    Any just released monitor that you pick up you will be playing the monitor lottery.  A lot of people have had no problem with the Asus or the Acer monitors you spoke of.  What I would recommend is that wherever you buy it from, make sure they have a good return or exchange policy (Newegg/Microcenter) and avoid taking advice from doomsayers like Metro.