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    Computer hardware (duh), music, writing, 3D printing, video production, starting a tech business, taking over the world... Oops, I shouldn't have added that one.
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    I am an 19 year old male who lives in a world of constant annoyance at the state of modern consumer electronics. I plan on (hopefully) revolutionizing the computer market before brainwashing the world's population into thinking I am their god of technology. Or maybe I'm just working on my own laptop design that solves some of the major problems laptops have.
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  1. Does anyone know where I can find a good AM4 motherboard? It seems like they are sold out everywhere I look. Edit: I am specifically looking for an X370 board
  2. If you can get it for the same price as it's non-ECC equivalent and you don't mind the lack of a heat spreader I see no reason not to.
  3. From what I understand, ECC will have no effect on game performance either way. What it will do is add a little bit more protection from crashes caused by memory based errors which are pretty rare to begin with.
  4. It really depends on what I can find that fits the theme. If a mobo comes out that is orange/black I'll probably use it instead of modding, provided it is a good one of course. I am planning on doing a custom loop, probably with rigid tubing and definitely with orange coolant.
  5. In preparation for the upcoming Ryzen launch I am building my first computer for myself rather than other people. I am looking at an orange and black theme but I was unable to find a good case that matched that theme. Enter: my first case mod! I have a couple touch ups to do along the top of the front bezel but otherwise I really like how this turned out. From here I plan to: -replace the red led's with orange -add some paint striping to the front/top -maybe add something to the side panels -actually make the system once Ryzen is realeased
  6. I never thought I would find non-techie experiences in the food service industry but I just did. Yesterday my boss started freaking out because two of the POS computers and the second cash drawer weren't turning on. Since I had closed the night before he thought I may have done something to them. All three just weren't plugged in firmly enough.
  7. Try installing malwarebytes (available on the play store for free) and running a scan.
  8. I love racing games but up until now I've been using a cheap logitech controller. It's useable, but I would love something that adds immersion to the experience. Can anyone recommend a good racing wheel with force feedback, pedals, and paddle shifters for less than $100?
  9. Create a work plane on the axis you want to reflect over. (3D Model > Work Features > Plane > Midplane between two planes) Use the mirror function. (3D Model > Pattern > Mirror)
  10. I guess you could say your computer... *puts on sunglasses* ...has been bugged.
  11. No, it could just cause instability. I've seen it happen where someone was getting random BSODs and straightening the single bent pin fixed it.
  12. I've been on Project Fi for 7 months now using a Nexus 6. I can't speak for the quality of the 5x but I can speak for the quality of Fi. Pricing is $20 per month plus $10 per GB of data used. You select a plan based around how much you expect to use in a month, then you are credited back for any unused data or charged for any data over your plan at the same $10/GB rate. As a result I can only recommend Project Fi if you use less than 4GB/month, any more and it becomes more cost effective to use a standard unlimited plan from another carrier. The combination of the Sprint and T-Mobile netw
  13. Android Authority is a pretty big name in phone reviews. They go very in depth, breaking everything down piece by piece.
  14. Moto X Pure Edition Exactly $400, microSD expansion, works with every US carrier. Motorola has recently gone with almost no deviations from stock android on their phones so updates are fast. It has great reviews, too.