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    I am a computer theorist. Don’t know what that is? Read my theories. They’re on my website.
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    Intel Core i3-6100 @ 3.7GHz
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    1× 16GiB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4, 2400MHz/CL12@1.35V
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    Arch Linux

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  1. After a lot of searching, I decided to go with the HP LaserJet 4000 series, as it appears to support PostScript and was available secondhand within my budget. The toner is not super plentiful but there are some on sale, and it takes a parallel input.
  2. I already know what I need, it’s just a PostScript Level 1 printer. I know this will work over parallel because I know how PostScript works. My problem is finding the best printer that does this.
  3. no it wouldn’t be easier, as the work is done on the computer.
  4. I have a Gridcase 1520 from the late 1980s that I need to print from using the installed Microsoft Works 2.00. Going from the directory listing of C:\WORKS it seems that my best bet for printer support is going to be in the PostScript driver, POSTSCRP.PRD. The Gridcase of course only offers parallel ports for this, and I’m fairly sure it only supports Level 1 of PostScript. I’m absolutely lost looking for printers and I want to get this right, I have $150 to spend not counting ink. What do you recommend?
  5. Use TAILS on a flash drive. That’s how it’s meant to be used. Just disconnecting your main drive will do fine. Also remember about opsec. You need a strategy for that before technicals. Even on your usual devices it’s still more important. Just as RAID is not backup, Tor/VPN/TAILS is not anonymity.
  6. those are among the finer things totally eluding rioters right now. They would consider the basic implications of larceny before Apple’s secret PR deterrence strategy.
  7. They think they’re invincible, basically. Honestly I’m just waiting to see if something real is going to start appearing. Right now we have all the hardcore LARPers going out in the streets. Really nifty of Apple to apply some common sense and flag all the merchandise from compromised stores.
  8. I have a 43” 4K monitor and am currently using a passively-cooled RX 460 that was on hand as part of the build theme. For power headroom consideration, I’m running a Z170 motherboard with a Core i3-6100T on a SeaSonic 80+ Platinum SS-400FL (400W design). No other cards are installed.
  9. will this work with a PS/2 converter stick? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004WOF7QM/
  10. I want to get one of these for my repurposing of Henen-nesw for gaming. It’s gonna go with an IntelliMouse. What can you recommend?
  11. if this thing lives up to its claim, it will be repairable enough to fix that godawful chassis design. if it remains ugly, we all know it died on arrival.
  12. Leave it to government to solve problems nobody has. If they’re gonna push big tech into the arms of grey-hat technology, it’s their loss. While public platform censorship is front-and-center, it’s not like tech companies are going to feel very enthralled to enforce copyright elsewhere with the government thinking it’s necessary to breathe down their necks about it all because they’re personally insecure about their power.
  13. The market works the way it does because it can be stunningly feeble-minded. It doesn’t need to know or care about ethics or engineering. The thing is, the public isn’t dealing with this in the terms of the market. Consumers have an ethical issue, and publishers have an engineering issue. These are the frames at hand here.
  14. I said this before about something else, but this is truly a product of our time. The usual customers (gamers) are of course the ones not putting up with it like everyone else. They need to understand that the resolution of their concerns about cheating lie with engineering. If you make a protocol that sucks so bad and is exploitable, you can’t cheat your way through using anti-cheat “solutions” like this. You need to go back to the drawing board.
  15. Verily. It was more your understanding than a recollection of facts. There’s nothing wrong with that.