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  1. I second this, unless you are doing multiple SLIs or Crossfires do you really need 1300 Watt PSU? This one in particular is just a accident waiting to happen.
  2. Remember when cheat codes were a thing for GTA.
  3. I've found that it's fun to talk about Eve Online stories but not really fun to play anymore. Honestly surprised that CCP is working on other projects, even if that project was full of desyncs.
  4. Welp, missed that part. Perhaps would be better to have this thread locked then for old news ? When I heard about this news I had to share it. You know what they say, sharing is caring
  5. Hello Gentleman, The future is here with breaking wind news and I'm not referring to the movie. Indigestible pills that can track the gas build up in the human body; Just attach the pocket size receiver to your phone along with downloading the app and your ready to track dem farts. https://arstechnica.com/science/2018/01/with-ingestible-pill-you-can-track-fart-development-in-real-time-on-your-phone/?fbclid=IwAR1hoX9q5T5O9bUbVupa04PdCT6hc-sJje2beO0LS8QA28JOwFPrnwct4r4 My opinion: Now their some dumb tech out there on the web but this one is pretty far
  6. By "resetting windows" do you mean just power cycling or you reinstalled Windows?
  7. Don't forget that they are also being used in the area I'm in for searching for lost hikers with several success stories of hikers being found thanks to the drone's capabilities of searching such wide areas quickly.
  8. Woah, let's not get too off-topic now, this post is simply about Russia displaying a dude in a suit and Russia Television network running with the story. If my original comment is triggering you that bad then I can change it but in the end it's still a dude in a robot suit. PS. I posted this story when I was at work and just quickly typed some stuff in, was not intended to offend anyone.
  9. Source: https://www.theverge.com/2018/12/9/18130498/soulja-boy-video-game-console-nintendo Apparently these consoles are just re-branded consoles that you can buy on Amazon for half the price and run pretty poorly. Not only do these systems run poorly but the fact they are just rebranded consoles I believe is extremly illegal. I'm no lawyer but the "Soulja boy"... yeah. He recently uploaded a few more consoles on his tech site however Nintendo is now taking legal action against Soulja boy and his company. This is one of the funniest stories about console
  10. Source: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/dec/12/high-tech-robot-at-russia-forum-turns-out-to-be-man-in-robot-suit Did some searches and didn't find this article posted anywhere on LTT forums so thought I would make this my first post to give you guys a good chuckle. Whether it was by mistake or not it's pretty amusing that Russian State Television attempted to show off this "Robot" to the public as a way to show that Russia not falling behind in technology compared to other countries only for others to find that really it wa