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    Resident Microprocessor
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    Computers, Maths and Engineering.
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    Legend has it I was born on a distant planet and accidentally teleported here via misuse of an electron, quantum tunneling machine and a large amount of pie.


  • CPU
    Fx 8320
  • Motherboard
    Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 AM3+
  • RAM
    KingstonHyperX 1600Mhz 2x4 GB
  • GPU
    MSI R9-270 OC GAMING
  • Case
    Antec One Mid Tower
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    WesternDigital Caviar Blue
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    Corsair 500W ATX12V
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    Samsung 1080p 24" + Old Nec Wierd resolution
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    Hyper 212 Evo
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    Series Merc Stealth
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    Logitec G502
  • Sound
    Snowball Pro
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1 64 bit
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  1. Welcome to batch programming newbie, anyway I fixed your code up there to make it work. I made a simple batch program here that Factorizes any number. Remember their is a limit of 32 bit integers (31 with the first bit being the sign + or -). It also stores the factors into a text file called Factorizer.txt, make sure you have permissions in the location where you save the batch file. @[member=Echo] offtitle Facotrizersetlocal enableDelayedExpansion:begclsset "fac=0"set /p numb=Number that will be factored:if !numb! EQU 1 echo 1if not defined numb goto :be
  2. You should read the pdf you posted m8. It is a lot of shit involving classification and its classified as 2B and basically says that the studies to prove they were carcenoginc aren't very reliable.
  3. AMD has a much greater chance to survive, they aren't facing market saturation. Infact they are in duopolys in GPUs and CPUs.
  4. Hello, so my problem is what is exactly described in the title. My monitors will basically be kept awake forever. Wasting power and probably killing them. This is a huge problem since I don't always like putting my computer to sleep. Relevant info: Windows 10 [All windows updates downloaded] R9 270 Latest driver 2 Monitors Idle timer is set to 2 minutes Connected using LAN LAN wakeup is disabled. Full Speccy List of Relevant Information I've tried a few things, mostly googlable stuff. Stuff im still going to be trying- Re-installing AMD drivers (since they were actually por
  5. This is actually a pretty bad thing IMO, people have gotten used the the advantages of the G+ integration and this will suck. Like how I can change my name, and I don't need numbers or anything like that since more than one person can share the same username. Also it really really toned down the spam since you can apply restrictions to comments, I also loved the fact you could Multi Reply and add links and that comments were not restricted to 500 Letters. It also removed a lot of spam messages since the sort order really punished spam. Anyone remember these comments?: "OMG Rihana sex
  6. Couldn't care less about the porn and I already have a cardboard. Honestly its not that great of an experience, Yeah the VR works but it experiences the issue of having to hold it up to your forehead which tires your arms. It gets sweaty if you try to keep it their for more than like 2 Minutes.
  7. You say this as though you'd like to have slow online purchasing.
  8. Highly experienced in batch scripter here Unfortunately you cannot Delete folders without knowing their specific names inside a folder without some fancy coding which I can provide but a much nicer way if you want is to simply use RMDIR to delete the entire temp folder and just make it again. Also you don't need the del bit if you delete the entire directory. RMDIR /S /Q "%temp%\"MKDIR "%temp%" :: If the %temp% thing doesn't work do "mkdir "%appdata%\Local\Temp\"
  9. Only issue is the pictures aren't universal, Different fonts use different pictures for the same Emojie.
  10. Wait for 8k 60fps I once downloaded the 4k 60fps video off youtube of the pyrotechnic flows off of a volcano. Those would never play in chrome without frame drops and wouldn't play in VLC either. So I loaded it up into mpc-hc 64bit (Much more efficient than VLC) and it kept my CPU at a constant 95+% but didn't drop anyframes. I use an Fx-8320 @4Ghz. Now convention would say an 8k video would have roughly double that videos bitrate and should run fine at 30fps. But I can't even imagine how little of the Billion+ people who watch Youtube videos would be able to support 8k 60fps.
  11. It doesn't matter, your taxes are fairly low compared to other countries and even if you pay taxes its still ridiculously cheap. My computer would have been 35%+ cheaper just south of Canada. Computer parts in USD are by far the cheapest. Around 70% of the the rest of the world has to pay.
  12. $0, mabye $.10 if your lucky. Anyway you won't make money off Minecraft. You CAN make money off coding though. Just learn to code in Java, very well. Then create a mod for minecraft. This requires not only guides but experience. Then host it on mediafire behind an ad.fly link and post it to the minecraft forums, if 5000 unique visitors visit it you get like a dollar. Yours never gonna make $3k a month but if get enough poulatity to get to three standard deviations above mean (0.3%) and you update the pack monthly you might get upto $50 a month.
  13. I knew this and its not very new. It did get a nice UI change though since the old one looked pretty garbage.