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  1. well i can say im still using a 980ti to this date and i still can run any game i throw at it at full specs ultra settings....tho i would not pay full or even half price for it. maybe $200 canadian tops for the 980ti and $300 for the 1080ti that being said a 1080 non ti i wouldnt pay more than 200
  2. hey guys i cant decide wich router is the beter option between the two for my needs. im a gamer i got 3 pc's one is a dedicated game server pc and the other two are modern updated ryzen pc's i have 1000g internet down and 50g up speeds. im with Shaw. I am looking at two routers as i can get either for a decent price but cant decide, i kno the linksys is older but the d link is newer with newer tech....what would u gusy pick n why? here arte the two in question: D-Link Smart AC2600 High-Power Wi-Fi Gigabit Router https://www.amazon.ca/D-Link-High-Power-Assistant-Enhanced-DIR-2640/
  3. lol not any dirty sites, just stupid ones like sketchy pokemon sites that want u to download sumthign before looking at it....he had like 4 different browsers and 3 different antivirus programs installed on his pc and random games like slots and tables gambling games....
  4. Hey guys, i build a decent pc for my 12 year old so he can play his games online n stay off my PC. So i gave him free range on it and came back to find nothign but malware and garbage installed on it slowing it down and making it usless...i have formatted and reinstalled windows but is there a way i can block him from installing anything or even block him from downloading.
  5. ok so figured it out after buying a entire new pc in parts again and still wouldnt boot....turned out it was my Display Port cable....it was supplying power to my M.2 drive sumhow preventing my drtives from being detected...yea i donno either...so i popped in a HDMI cable and BAM starts up n detects all my drives....
  6. UPDATE: i pulled the M.2 ssd and put it back in, reset the CMOS. now when i press power the system turns on , shuts off then turns back on takes 20-30 seconds to boot into BIOS...ill swap the power supply tonight just thought id try that first. Still not detecting any M.2 or SATA drives
  7. i just did a CMOS reset and still nothing, ill swap power supplies tonight after work . I would like to also point out it takes a while to boot into BIOS like 20 seconds then when i remove the M.2 drive it boots into BIOS like in 5 seconds...
  8. i dont have any SATA devices hooked up only the M.2 drive.
  9. also like to point out that there is a red light on the M.2 drive and the VGA red light is on but display turns on no problem and boots to BIOS...
  10. so i built my son a basic pc. wich consists of: -MSI B360I Gaming Pro AC Motherboard at latest BIOS -Intel i3-8100 -8G DDR$ G SKILL Agis RAM 3000mhz but motherboard only allows it to get to 2400 -TeamGroup M.2 SATA3 SSD -Radeon MSI RX 480 -CORSAIR 450watt power supply my issue is, it detected and installed and booted to windows ONCE> Then i shut down the pc NOW it wont detect any SATA OR M.2 Drive....just boots directly to BIOS...i have replaced the motherboard, swapped the ram, swapped cpu's, swapped hard drives. Ive tried everything I can think of with no luc
  11. ya im thinking there purposely throttling internet speeds. I mean im not even getting 75% of my advertised internet speed....its going to take me 1.5 hrs to download APEX LEGENDS from ORIGIN! What is this the 90s!!!
  12. Hey guys, i been noticing a super slow internet speed l8tly. speedtest.net is giving me a consistent 150mbs down BUT im paying for 600. Im connected with CAT6 cable and my pc i not even 6 months old. Now i contacted shaw and they said its a limitation of my hardware in my pc wich i call bullshit on. Then he said that it could be my router to wich i said i do not use a router i use the modem SHAW provided me for my speed wich is a a BlueCurv here is a link to there pos im using. Any ideas on what i should do? No switching providers is not a option as they all suck in my area worst than shaw.