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  1. There is not an image because you are not bringing in the image anywhere. HTML <img src="folder/File.ext" alt="" height="" width=""> <!--or (html comment)--> <img src="UrlToImg" alt="" height="" width=""> Something similar to this.
  2. I am currently a software development student and have take HTML/JavaScript and some PHP. There is a local company that I would really like to intern at but they use ASP.NET. I was wondering if there was any other students or person(s) that could point me in the direction of a proper textbook as I am not sure what companies books are good or bad on this topic.
  3. better then mine, GTX 970 is 6.6 at stock and best stable overclock i can get is 7.3.
  4. you can try and buy a refurbished from BestBuy they are usually cheaper and certified.
  5. Then I believe they could be in legal trouble if forwarded to the proper authorities, I could be wrong internet laws are confusing sometimes. The easiest way to catch the person is when they use someones information, usually they aren't charged on the computer violation itself.
  6. Some are and some aren't depends how they are used. If use maliciously they are illegal, but I feel like it would be to hard to do anything about it unless someone had proof of where it came from.
  7. I have a new 3ds and 2ds the only difference is the screen size and the like 1 or 2 games that can only be played on the new 3ds. Although to me the 2ds screen looks better but that could be because they are displaying the same resolution on a smaller screen. EDIT: Also the if you get the 3ds the c-stick which isn't that big of a deal except for like maybe monster hunter or games that is nice to have two "Sticks".
  8. I'll add you just incase.
  9. I just bought an Nvidia, Used, and then stuck with it pretty much that simple.....
  10. Dumb question but have you tried to look in the Partition Manager to see if its there?
  11. $75-90? Saw one selling in that range.
  12. Its weird how they kept such a value when I can buy a 3930k or 3960x for about $250 although the motherboards are a pretty penny.
  13. I want to know what kind of dusty house people live in none of my consoles from either company had heating or noise problems...
  14. Sorry little late but no one seem to have said it, look for "virtual desktop" on Steam for $15.00 or Youtube EDIT: Oops the second link he posted was sorry folks..
  15. I feel the same way gtx 970 using high settings at 1920x1080 and drops into the 38-45s.
  16. I read through the requirements, not sure what rule wasn't met? searched magnus vr and received no hits.
  17. I'm the opposite, not really interest in augmented reality. I like the idea of being in a completely different one.
  18. Yes that is exactly what I think, one day we won't know whats real or fake. I look forward to it.
  19. I was browsing the internet and stumbled upon this. I would love to have these over a controller any day if they worked, But you still have to strap the controllers to your wrist. Also great then it works with Vive Source: http://www.engadget.com/2016/03/10/htc-vive-manus-vr-glove-dev-kit-pre-order/
  20. Already fixed it thanks guys.
  21. I cannot seem to figure out why the value J isn't stored into the position. In the display line it says that Letter[position] is a unassigned local variable. This is just one method of a program. private void CheckCharacter(string userInput) { char[] Letter = userInput.ToArray(); int mostOccurences=0; int noTimes = 0; int position; for (int i = 0; i < Letter.Length; i++) { for (int j = 0; j < Letter.Length; j++) { if (Letter[j] == Letter[i]) { noTimes++; } if
  22. I have this one and i like it. A little work to set it up. BlueVision V0.2 Alpha