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  • Birthday Aug 12, 1994

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    well duhhhh
    other than that , cycling , music listening and movie watching also fixing shit around the house
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    'current date'-still kickin'
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    CNC Machinist on a lathe


  • CPU
    INTeL i5-6600K @4.5GHz
  • Motherboard
    Asrock Extreme 6
  • RAM
    2x8Gb Kingston Fury Black 2133MHz CL14 -DDR4
  • GPU
    MSI GTX1070 Gmaing X ~2000-2050MHz - mem + 300MHz
  • Case
    Thermaltake Commander G42
  • Storage
    In use 3HDD's +1SSD . 1 hdd is WB black 3TB , other don't matter , SSD is Adata XPG sx930
  • PSU
    EVGA supernova G1 , 750W
  • Display(s)
    BenQ E2220HDP - shitty but that's it , also cheap
  • Cooling
    some fans 5x120mm , also Zalman CNPS10X performa cpu cooler fan
  • Keyboard
    Thrust...something , generic entry level with some extra controls suck as volume and shit
  • Mouse
    Zalman zm-m300
  • Sound
    Purity onboard something , it's quite good , it's just not loud enough
  • Operating System
    W10 x64
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  1. historically it won't go down much , and it will slowly fade out . On the second hand market yes , but the 2000series i doubt . And the price drops won't come instantly anyhow ..... we might have to wait 1-2 months for prices to drop . Right now wait it out , it all depends on what the new gpus have to offer . Also keep in mind you will likely not get your new gpu till october , and if it's a huge success we're gonna have problems with the stocks as usual (for maybe 3 months? ). Seems like a holyday card imo... , but i'll try to get it as fast as i can if the numbers are good (the 3080)
  2. For what resolution and FPS ? , nvidia 3000 launch might be delayed , so unless you want to wait till september to get a small pricedrop on the 2000 series (- at that time it won't be worth going for the 'old' gen card ) go for it. But if it's already september you might wait till black friday , so you see, if you're in the 'wait' game you're always just 3-4 months away from a discount or a new release . 1080 imo is still decent , only 2080super or 2080ti would bring a major difference . On a sidenote i'm on a 1070 , and i feel like buying an 1080ti used , because a 2080super might become 'mi
  3. "The chipset creates 8 pci-e 2.0 (500MB/s per lane), which can go to various slots or additional m.2 connectors." this way we're back to square one . We can already get ~550mb on sata3
  4. well , this is not a lot . X16 is sorta kinda reserved for the video card , 4 is assigned to the chipset , and you get to have 4 pcie4 lanes for m.2 storage - this is how it looks . So no , pcie is still not enough for 6 m.2 pcie4-x4 drives (!at full speed) . If you choose to install https://www.sonnettech.com/product/m2-4x4-pcie-card.html something like that , your GPU bandwith will suffer (maybe won't even work with an 4 lanes)
  5. True that , i also have a 160gb wd drive , but i 'decomissioned' it 6-7 years ago
  6. The adaptors are ok , i'm not saying they're not , but usually denser storage cost more for the same capacity , maybe that will change too .... , i mean i'm just curious of what comes next .
  7. I can understand that , but i don't like it
  8. M.2 is usually pci-e based , yes , but everyone always says (at least used to say) that we don't have enough pci-e lanes for more than a couple of drives . And if we do have , why don't they put 6 connectors , and make cables for the connector ?
  9. I mean that's an option , but it still mounts into the motherboard , and this way taking even more space . In my opinion it's a lot better to have the 'freedom' of the cables.
  10. That's pretty much what i think too , it's just a bit odd that there was no real advancement in this particular department , yes i know m.2 is a 'new' thing , but s-ata 3 is 10 years old (i think)
  11. Well i'm waiting to see motherboards with 6pieces of M.2-pcie connectors with cables then ... , cause i'm pretty sure you can't realistically fit more than 2-3 m.2 drives on the motherboard itself .
  12. Sata ssd's could be faster if was on something faster than sata3 lets's say in gigabyte range , so there is already a bottleneck by the interface . If you mean HDD's bottlenecking the interface , than well , i guess you're right , but that's never gonna happen . Top tier hdd's max out at 250mb/s transfers (not taking into account the 15000RPM drives). However i'm not really considering hdd's in the future , but a couple of "sataX" ssd's at 1-1.5gb/s with cables . I mean how many m.2 slots can you realistically integrate in a standard or mini ATX board ? 2-4 . Also they are more expen
  13. Hello y'all , i have a question . What do you think the new storage interface is going be ? I mean S-ATA 3 is still ok so to speak , but as far as i know S-ATA 4 will not be a thing . M.2 conector is fine and fancy , but what's gonna happen , if i want to plugin 3-4 2.5" ssd's that are Nvme pcie ?? . Currently there is no such a standard/interface that will allow you to connect an Nvme drive with a cable . And if they make cables for it , and replace the sata connectors with m.2 connectors , than the cables are going to be way to wide (IDE all over again) . Sooo.what do
  14. Same problem! ive got the MSI gtx1070 gaming x8g . I have 1.05 constant voltage , sometimes drops to 1.043 in furmark . BUT NO manual voltage change... . i belive it could handle 1.1 v , we are talking about +50mV , make that only 30mV but still ).
  15. GTX660 gigabyte windforce 'oc edition' 8GB 1600mhz ram FX-6300 cpu absolutely NOT ready - or so it says - frames under 90fps = 94.2% , tested frames 7612 (gpu bound) GTX660 = NOT READY