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    dle13 reacted to WoodenMarker in Free Ceramic Mug and Mousepad - DEAL OVER   
    Just found out that the deal ended after making a design for the mug

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    dle13 got a reaction from Hydra in How was your pc building experience?   
    Installing the CPU cooler was quite tedious, but it was nothing compared to how difficult plugging in the 24-pin connector was. Took me nearly an hour to get it to click.
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    dle13 reacted to mapegl in Is PC gaming worth it?   
    Honestly it really depends. A buddy of mine has to work all day and when he comes home he just wants to crash on his couch and game a bit. Perfect console gamer, very casual.
    If you are very enthusiastic about graphics and other stuff besides gaming and maybe into building PC it is a lot of fun, with or without your friends.
    I don't think consoles are stupid or anything, just take them for what they are. They are a little expensive though, considering what they can actually do.
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    dle13 reacted to kennethnakasone in Episode 3 of IBM x Steins;Gate Collaboration   
    As mentioned in the title, Episode 3 (with English subtitles) can be found on IBM Japan's youtube page now (https://www.youtube.com/user/IBMJapanChannel/videos).

    (note: "Cooking" is episode 1)
    The series explains how cognitive computing works (very simply), by explaining how Watson comes up with answers to the charaters' various dilemmas.
    Personally, watching the first two episodes made me want to look into what exactly "Cognitive Computing" is, and I assume that was IBM Japan's goal; to generate more interest in Cognitive Computing.
    I feel a bit manipulated, but reading some of the documentation on "IBM Watson Developer Cloud" ( http://www.ibm.com/smarterplanet/us/en/ibmwatson/developercloud/doc/ ) has been genuinely interesting, and I'm happy as a fan to see the Steins;Gate characters....being themselves(?) again. It's a shame there are only 4 episodes in total planned, but oh well.
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    dle13 reacted to LinusTech in HighLANder - The World's Highest Elevation LAN Party... EVER!   
    So it will be a while before Guinness sorts through our footage to validate the world world for themselves, but it was definitely the highest altitude LAN party (okay... someone on a plane could have gamed higher up, but we're talking while still on land here) EVER!
    This project was a blast and wouldn't have been possible without help from a LOT of people including the Tek Syndicate team, Austin Evans, the NeweggTV guys, and OF COURSE our sponsors.

    Huge thanks first to ASUS for providing us with the router we used at the top, the funding we needed to get our teams out there, and of course a dozen of their latest RoG gaming notebook the G550JK, which you can check out in this video here:

    Oh... and did I mention in the above video I've got details for how you can WIN the very notebook that I gamed on at the top of the mountain? Did I also mention that it's signed by me, Logan, Paul, Kyle, Luke, and Qain????
    But don't worry if you don't win one. Newegg's got a deal going right now where you get an exclusive bundle if you buy one at this link. Check it out!

    Our next big thank you goes out to Intel. They partnered with us to help pay many of the people involved including members of our teams. Oh and I guess they also made the efficient quad core Core i7 processors that went inside the G550JK notebooks we carried up the mountain. If they consumed more power and output more heat, then those would have been pretty difficult to lug up there!

    Speaking of difficult to lug, our final sponsor, Corsair, was probably laughing at us when they sent their (awesomely built, but a touch heavy) all new Vengeance K95 and K70 RGB keyboards to us to game with at the summit. I cannot fault the build quality of these outstanding keyboards, and as long as the one I get once they're released ends up sitting on my desk instead of strapped to my back, then everything is going to be okay...
    EDIT: You can get your own official HighLANder shirt if you order here: http://teespring.com/highlanderlan
    So... With all of that out of the way, here are the videos!
    Linus Tech Tips Official

    Linus Tech Tips Vlog 1
    Linus Tech Tips Vlog 2

     Tek Syndicate Official

    Austin Evans

    Newegg TV Part 1

    Newegg TV Part 2