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    davidst95 got a reaction from MS Eierfeile in Can a Gigabyte Z390 Designare handle a i9-9900k   
    Hi, thanks for all the replies.   I'm not planning to do any manual overclocking.  If it can reach a single core of 5ghz I'll be happy.   Thanks.
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    davidst95 got a reaction from imcaspar in Can a Gigabyte Z390 Designare handle a i9-9900k   
    Thanks!  That's reassuring.
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    davidst95 got a reaction from samcool55 in 20 Gbps Thunderbolt Ethernet Adapaters   
    Thank you. I have so much to learn ?
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    davidst95 got a reaction from SSD Sean in Gigabyte Gaming 7 X299 and Thunderbolt add-on card   
    I finally figured out the issue.   PCIe Slot 4 was using PCH however I also had an M.2  NVMe in a slot that uses PCH too.  Once I moved the M.2 drive to a slot that only uses the CPU lanes it detected the Thunderbolt card.  Thanks again for the help.
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    davidst95 reacted to SupaKomputa in AMD 1800X Suddenly Stop Posting   
    check memory installation. clean memory pins, put 1 memory at a time, switch memory slots etc.
    one of your memory could be bad.
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    davidst95 reacted to ErrystioT in 90W Power adapter for use with a Dell XPS 15 9560   
    As long as the voltage is similar and not higher, it should be safe. Having lower amps would just charge your XPS 15 slower due to less current traveling to the battery. However, when using such chargers, don't do high load work as your XPS 15's battery would discharge quicker than it is charging, which can slowly deteriorate the battery.
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    davidst95 reacted to EthanCoow in 90W Power adapter for use with a Dell XPS 15 9560   
    A lower wattage works fine. It's just gonna charge slower, that's all. 
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    davidst95 reacted to Fraser Cow in Intel NUC for a Plex Server   
    As long as you aren't using H.265 HEVC you should be fine. My Ryzen 1700 @3.8Ghz runs at 100% to encode two 1080p HEVC streams.  I really hope plex starts using direct play for H265.
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    davidst95 got a reaction from shadowbyte in AM4 Bracket for the NZXT X52/X62 on eBay   
    Hi, I'm not sure if this has the yet, but I have been waiting for almost a month for NZXT to mail me a new bracket for my new AM4 socket motherboard.    I found a post on Reddit where someone purchased the Asetek Liquid Cooler AMD AM4 Retention Ring Kit from Asetek on eBay for $11 with 2-day shipping.   I ended up buying it to see if it works and it fits perfect.
    Below is the link if anyone is interested.   I'm not sure why NZXT is delaying shipping of the AM4 bracket.   Usually, they are a pretty good company sending you parts.
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    davidst95 reacted to WereCat in EVGA 750/850 G3 or EVGA 750/850 P2   
    The P2 should be slightly better but I like the G3 more because it is smaller.
    Also, the G3 has unbelievably good voltage on its rails. Way better than any other PSU on the consumer market (maybe with the exception of the Seasonic Prime).
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    davidst95 reacted to quan289 in EVGA 750/850 G3 or EVGA 750/850 P2   
    I personally go with the P2, if the larger footprint isn't a concern. On top of it being more efficient (not a drastic difference), it does have a much more relax fan profile and thus is quieter.
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    davidst95 reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Raid 1 with BIOS or Windows 10   
    You sure you want raid?
    Id just use one, and have it sync it to the other with a backup program. That will be much better data wise than a raid 1, as you can use it for incremintal backups so you don't lose files that you deleted.
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    davidst95 reacted to themctipers in Raid 1 with BIOS or Windows 10   
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    davidst95 reacted to Electronics Wizardy in AM4 X300 M.2 NVMe boot drive in Raid 0   
    None one seems to talk about motherboard raid cause it sucks and you shouldn't use it. Its a hack
    If you want your os on a raid, use software raid(mobo raid is software raid) or a raid card.
    For the question, I don't think you can due to how pcie is setup(one off chipset and one off cpu), but you should be able to with sata.
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    davidst95 got a reaction from ARikozuM in WD Blue makes grinding noises but passes all tests   
    @demonix00 and @ARikozuM  thanks for the additional replies.   Unfortunately, when I called WDC they told me I have an OEM drive and it's no longer cover under warranty.   It works fine except for the initially loud grind so I think I'll keep using it for the time being.   I do not have anything critical on it.
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    davidst95 reacted to kameshss in WD Blue makes grinding noises but passes all tests   
    Just to be safe. Take a back up and place it for RMA.
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    davidst95 reacted to The Sloth in WD Blue makes grinding noises but passes all tests   
    its dying prepare a backup
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    davidst95 reacted to ARikozuM in WD Blue makes grinding noises but passes all tests   
    What kind of grinding? Is the arm moving when it grinds or is it on the same track? Try writing a large file such as a movie to another drive and seeing what happens.
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    davidst95 reacted to tlink in M.2 in RAID 0 - Does MLC or TLC matter   
    the usual penalties apply i think, raid still just is writing and reading disc flash memory, it doesn´t change or behave any differently. but im not 100% sure. y raid those though they are already blazingly fast.
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    davidst95 reacted to nobiggieBIG in I6800K Idle Temps   
    Yes, thats completely fine.
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    davidst95 reacted to xentropa in Samsung 950 Pro and Samsung SM951 in Raid 0 a good idea?   
    I think the M.2 slot in the X99 board uses the "CPU" PCIe lanes, not the PCH, PCIe lanes.  It's not possible to hardware raid because the CPU has no instructions on how to do that.
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    davidst95 got a reaction from Simon771 in SM961 or PMP961   
    Awesome, thanks for the link.   I wish I knew of that page awhile ago :-)
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    davidst95 reacted to Brno in Sound Blaster Z for a Gigabyte Z170MX Gaming 5 motherboard   
    In my experience anything with "Gaming" in the title isn't as good as it should be for the price so im not sure. Motherboards don't fall into the category but audio stuff does. It might be really good though.
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    davidst95 reacted to Zyndo in mATX - Motherboard - Asus Maximus VIII Gene or Gigabyte Gaming 5   
    at a glance there isn't a whole lot of difference between the two. for the Asus board you get a couple of on board things like a Q-Code display, on board power/reset/CMOS buttons and whatnot. the Gigabyte board has more USB headers onboard... but they're pretty similar overall. I can't tell you if the Asus board is worth 79 dollars more because I don't know what you want in your motherboard or how valuable 79 dollars is to you. there are certainly compelling reasons to spend the extra 79 for certain features, but it wouldn't be for everyone. Its a decision you have to make for yourself, its a good choice either way though.
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    davidst95 got a reaction from dalekphalm in WDC Blue HDDs reading zero MBs   
    Thanks for the info on firmware.   I'll get in contact with WDC for a RMA.