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  1. Hi, I have two G.Skill 3600Mhz 8GB DDR4 memory sticks in my X570 motherboard. I would like to add more RAM. Are there any issues if I purchase the same kit with the same speed and latency but are 16GB each, or do all four sticks have to be the same capacity? Thank you. David
  2. Hi, I installed a LSI SAS 9211-8i PCIe card to be used with Unraid. After installing seven drives, three of them (1x 8GB WD Red and 2x512GB SSD) are no longer can be detected. I attached each drive one at a time to different desktops using the onboard motherboard SATA ports. After booting up with Parted Magic and GParted on each desktop, they are still no longer being detected. Did I permanently damage these drives? If so, could you tell me what I did to cause this to happen? Could the SAS PCie be responsible? Is there anyway to recover this disks? Than
  3. That's a good idea about the Zen 3 coming out. I'm looking for a 8-core CPU with a iGPU. Hopefully AMD will come out with something similar like the new I7.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I think I'll go with the K version and try to play around with the volts and multipliers. I was looking at the 3700X but I need the integrated GPU with the setup I'm building. David
  5. Hi, I'm looking at purchasing the I7-10700 and the I7-10700K. I am interested in the I7-10700 due to the lower base clock and energy savings but I also like the K version if I ever decided I need the extra speed. Is it possible to down clock the base frequency of the K(3.8Ghz) version to that of the non-K(2.9 Ghz) and still turbo boost to the normal levels? I hope this makes sense. Thanks. David
  6. Thanks for all the info. I think I'll stay with my current desktop with the I9 and use the 3900X for Unraid. David
  7. Hi, thanks so much for the replies. I used my desktop main with Windows 10 for programming for work (mainly c#/python) using one or two Ubuntu VMs. On my downtime I play games such as Star Wars the last Jedi and GTAV. I will be purchasing the new Microsoft Flight Simulator next month. I would rather have a desktop with better performance over a better server. In my UnRAID setup I plan to mainly run a Plex Server, NextCloud and Pi-Hole. I have a GTX 1660 TI to use with the Plex Server for transcoding. I was thinking about using the I9-9900K in the UnRAID Server because I could use
  8. Hi, I a desktop with a desktop a I9-9900K and RTX 2080 (non-super). I purchased a AMD Ryzen 3900X and motherboard for a UnRAID Server. After looking at both setups I don't know which CPU I should use for my desktop and which one for UnRAID. On the UnRAID Server I plan to run a couple of VMs and a couple of dockers. If anyone could tell me which CPU I should use which I would be greatly appreciated. I keep going back and forth. Both setup has 64GB DRR4 3600Mhz of RAM. Thanks! David
  9. Ok I see. Thanks for the info and link to the video. It is really helpful! David
  10. Hi, I have two 1TB NVMe SSDs and not sure which one to use for my Windows 10 OS and Games drive and which one for data. One is a older Samsung PM961 (I think it's the OEM version of a 960 EVO) and a new WD Black 1TB SN750. The WD beats the Samsung in all tests except for the 4K Queue Depth 1 Read Speed. I read awhile that the 4K Queue Depth 1 is the most important speed to look at when it comes to the OS and games. Is this still the case? Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. David 1TB Samsung PM961 1TB WD Back SN450
  11. Thanks for the suggestion but no log. Diskpart errors out once I try to do a clean. I might just sell it on eBay cheap as is if anyone has a better understanding of fixing it than I do. David
  12. Hi, I have a 1TB Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD. I attempted to do a secure wipe with GParted but it seemed to failed. No mater what I try I can't access the drive anymore to try to create a new partition. Is there anyway to recover the drive? I can't find the receipt to send it back for a replacement. Any advice with greatly appreciated. Thanks! David
  13. Thanks for all the input. It really helps a lot. I think I'm going to test out the be quiet! Silent Wings 3 140mm fan. Based off the Amazon reviews they have a good mix of air flow and static pressure. David
  14. Hi, I would like to buy a pair 140mm fans for the top of my Factual Design Node 804. The top has a mesh filter so I'm sure if it would better to get an airflow or static fan? Attached a picture of the top plate of the case and the mesh filter. Thanks for any advice. David
  15. Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I think I'll go with the 3600Mhz since it'll be likely compatible with Ryzen. David