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    Windsor, Ontario
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    Computers and such.
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    I have been interested in computer ever since I was a little kid. I fix friends computers all the time as well as build my own. I like playing PC games so if you want to play look me up on Steam or Origin.


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    AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
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    MSI X570-A Pro
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    Corsair Vengeance 3600Mhz CL18 16GB Low Profile (X2) @ 3600Mhz 18-22-22-42
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    GTX 970 G1 4GB @ 1500Mhz
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    Corsair 750D Air Flow Edition
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    Western Digital SN750 Nvme SSD + WD Caviar Blue 640GB + Seagate 2TB SSHD (X2)
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    CoolerMaster V750
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    ASUS PG258Q
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    Noctua NH-D15
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    Corsair K70 LUX Cherry MX Brown
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    Logitech G700S
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    ODAC + O2 + Audiosource Amp100 + Fluance SX6 +BIC America F-12 Sub + Sennheiser HD 518 + Sony XBAP50
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit

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  1. I personally prefer BF4 but Titanfall has a pretty good campaign mode. Reminds me a bit of Crysis and Halo.
  2. I picked up Titanfall 2 on Steam after seeing Luke rave about it on the WAN show and honestly it's way better than I thought. Maybe consider picking it up while it's still on sale.
  3. Yea she definitely gave it a good try but she made some mistakes that I would personally not consider acceptable if I built a system for a friend for example. Like not having an IO shield. I would feel bad if a friend of mine built a PC without my help and it turned out like that. Maybe it's good enough to play some games but I personally think the end user should get everything they paid for. For example she plugged the display port into the motherboard slot. If she didn't know how her GPU was supposed to preform she coudl have easily been playing games on iGPU and never used her real GPU.
  4. Yea but LMG has grown alot since then and I think some of the new people could benefit from a workshop kind of thing where they learn how to build a PC.
  5. As a GTX 970 owner myself it's not worth it to pick up a 970 now. 2060 isn't super great compared to 3000 series but its much better than a 970. You may want to consider another upgrade when parts are more readily available and you have the budget for it. 3000 series is waaaaaay better than 2000 and anything before 2000 series imo isn't worth it in 2021.
  6. So I just watched the latest video where Sarah built a PC and as much as I enjoyed the video I couldn't help but cringe along side Linus. I know Sarah isn't the only one at LMG that doesn't know how to build a PC well so I think it would make for a good video if Linus held a sort of class or workshop where the LMG staff learns the correct way to build a PC. Maybe there can be some kind of test or grade at the end to see how everyone did. Thoughts? Also Idk if this is the right place to post this.
  7. This might be irrelevant now but try using another slot. On my system when this happened it was because the physical slot couldn't be passed through off the chipset.
  8. For the last little while I've noticed some applications on my PC seem to crash or lock up after my PC hasn't been used for a while. Not really sure what's causing it as This has never been a problem until somewhat recently. For example discord will not have a close button in the top right and while I can move the window around I can't interact with it and I will have to close and reopen it. Same goes for Steam. I think this may be a software bug but I'm not 100% sure. Any suggestions/ideas? PC Specs OS: Windows 10 CPU: AMD 3700X MB: MSI X570-A Pro GPU: Nvidia GTX
  9. I have a BluRay set that I want to be able to playback and rip on my PC but I'm not sure what optical drive to be checking out. I would like to be able to rip and play 4K BluRay discs also. I assume I need one with the BDXL format but I'm not sure what one to get. They're also hard to find for under 100$. Any suggestions?
  10. Everything is setup correctly from what I can tell. The SATA controller is running in AHCI mode. The drive has never had any jumpers installed on it nor is it old enough to need jumpers.
  11. It does run at higher speeds on other systems. This motherboard is capable of sata 1.5/3/6gbps speeds on all 6 of it's ports.
  12. You can add as many GPUs as your PC can handle. They don't need to be in SLI but they can't be used together without some kind of multi GPU technology. That being said SLI is dead. You can use a 1030 as a display adapter however it will use PCie lanes and may increase overall power consumption.
  13. By the sounds of it your GPU is most likely dead or some component that powers the GPU has failed and it's preventing the GPU from powering up. What you described seems like the GPU is simply not connected but it obvious is. I doubt there's anything wrong with the GPU die unless you overclocked your GPU way beyond spec. That being said I woudl disassemble the card and do a visual inspection. Maybe you'll see a burned component or maybe you won't.
  14. I know it won't affect performance much but it can affect burst performance or when utilizing the onboard cache. I've tried another cable but it seems to have done nothing. in the end I'm not super concerned over this but I would like to figure out why it's doing this. I cant see any obvious reason why it would.
  15. I agree with what @SansVarnic said. 450 watts is not enough for that system. I have a 3700X build with a GTX 970 and I can easily pull over 500 watts under load. You're videocard is much more powerful than mine and can easily consume 200 watts if not more. if anything you're likely right on the edge of what that PSU can do and it's likely putting out dirty power with lots of ripple thats causing your hardware to glitch out and cause problems. I would personally consider a nice seasonic 700-1000 watt PSU. 700 watt should be more than enough unless you plan on upgrading to more powerful hardware