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  1. Not strictly gaming, I use Solidworks/Autodesk as well & do multitasking. Nothing crazy though. I do need to change my mobo though for sure. 11900k good upgrade or wait for adler lake?
  2. I know thats what i was wondering, going to need a new mobo anyway with 2x M.2 slots. Is adler lake coming out anytime soon? what about 11900k?
  3. I bought my first PC instead of building earlier this year, mainly because there was no other way to get a GPU. The prebuilt came with a 10700F and very basic gaming mobo (Gigabyte B460m DS3H) & RTX 3070. I'm unable to update bios so I can't take advantage of the new technologies like resizable bar, apparently because the mobo name was modified by some company they buy the mobos off & the gigabyte software won't allow updating. I know updating bios is not going to make a huge difference in performance but just something that irks me. The 10700F doesn't come with integrated graphics, i