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  1. I tried messing with several settings to see if it would compare to ps5. Some games would get well over 150 fps and others at 60 fps. I have done some benchmarks and it it says that my setup is in the 79th percentile. I ran the heaven unigine at extreme performance. And this is what I got Fps 231.6 Score 5834 Present settings were extreme.
  2. I am hoping someone can help me with a new build. I will be as detailed as I can be while trying to keep it short. I recently built my first PC. I gathered some info from multiple sources and got things together from Micro Center. My main issue is the quality of gaming my build offers. I will list the build below. I have checked similar build and it appears to be performing to spec. There is nothing wrong with any of the components or set up. Micro Center looked at it, as well.. My main goal was to have a set up perform better than my ps5 and the xbox series x. Micro center experts helped me b