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  1. so if photoshop is eating up my cores and i'm also running my two servers (i also run a bedrock server) being limited on cores hurts my overall performance. I bought a 8 core 16 thread so I wouldn't have to be concerned about multitasking Back on the idea of a dedicated server rig, the i3 10100F is just under 100 USD if I put that in a B560 chipset do you think i could get it to run XMP speeds? or is that locked by the CPU not the chipset?
  2. So do you think if I upgraded my BIOS on my B450 Tomahawk and dropped in a 5000 series I would gain proper support for 4 DIMMs? Because my main rig is not just a gaming system I also do photo editing and graphic design and photoshop and illustrator definitely leverages the cores for better performance as well as my occasional video editing project.
  3. Would there be a 10th or 11th gen Intel processor in the 200 dollar (USD) range for this new of a chipset? i'm expecting to have to go used to hit my price point and am not sure i can find something this new. This would both require me to buy a 64 gig RAM kit as my board doesn't work well with 4 DIMM configurations (wont run at XMP/DCOP speeds) so that I can give the server more operating RAM and spend nearly $400 additional on a CPU so that i'm not losing 2 cores as my current CPU is an Ryzen 7 not a Ryzen 5. My current RAM capacity is not enough to allow me t
  4. I need a recommendation for a Minecraft server CPU. That said here is what the situation is: I currently have a Ryzen 7 2700x ( 3.9 Ghz all core) running dual channel 3200Mhz CL16 RAM (G.Skill Trident Z (non RGB) and I run a modded Minecraft server on it. There are 181 mods/addons and it has 10 gigs of ram dedicated to it and another 10 to my client that I connect with. I have 5 other players and myself who use the server usually 3-4 of us at a time and though there isn't a lot of lag i have noticed it is starting to show as more of the world gets loaded in. I know Intel is generally