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  1. I posted yesterday about getting low fps in games (around 15-20fps in New World, despite having a 5600X, 3080 and 32GB Memory) The solution was to run DDU and reinstall the graphics drivers. Today, the issue is back, I ran DDU again the same way I did yesterday and it worked, but if I reboot the computer, the issue returns. Looking at Afterburner, the card sits around 1740MHz when on the desktop, browsing etc. But, the second I boot up a game, it drops to around 200-300Mhz. Here's a link to the original post: https://linustechtips.com/topic/1380881-all-of-a-sudden-getting-low-fps-o
  2. Yup, It was running around 225MHz and running DDU has fixed the issue. You're a life saver, thanks for teaching me something new
  3. I tried playing New World today but my PC was only managing 20fps at best, I also tried CS:GO and it was getting around 80-90fps, both very low for a 5600x and EVGA 3080 FTW3. CPU usage sits around 30-40% but GPU usage will sit at 100% all the time. I was happily playing New World last night (less than 12 hours ago) and had issues, easily getting 130+fps and in that time the only thing that has changed is a New World patch, but I'm not sure how this would affect CS:GO. Drivers and everything are up to date as of Monday this week and the only component that has changed since is a c