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  1. Oh yeah lol the rest is definitely holding it back *cough* 1660ti *cough* I was just curious more than anything what my future possibilities were
  2. I recently bought a computer that has an MSI X570 Unify board currently with a 3700x. I was basically wondering what is the best CPU that I can get in the future without having to upgrade the motherboard. I am very new to Ryzen (although happy to have it!) so I really have no idea. I've heard that you can put a lot newer cpus in AM4 boards as long as you update the bios, which I've done. Thanks!
  3. I actually picked this system up and it is working fantastically, the ram is at 3600 too so I'll probably just add another 16gb and an nvme boot drive but for 600 its nice
  4. What do you think something like that would normally cost? How far is it off? He originally had it listed for 700 but I offered 600 plus a keyboard that was negligible to me.
  5. Looking at buying this pc, it's local and I was going to pick it up today for $600, just wanted to get some opinions on it. Thanks https://monterey.craigslist.org/sys/d/monterey-fully-built-gaming-pc/7391915076.html