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  1. i have 2 second gen ryzen 5 16g 1660 ti and it is on but some times it dose it some time it dose not do it?
  2. i was trying to watch youtube and it keeps studding on linux mint as seen in this video clip to also dose audio i dont know why chrome and obs are the only thing ruining? 1772113630_2021-10-1415-36-02.mkv
  3. i did some more and then it had the image when i tryed to do "python3 ./install.py" after "cd /tmp/grapejuice" i dont know what happend
  4. so i'm trying to play roblox on linux with Grapejuice installing it with this command "git clone https://gitlab.com/brinkervii/grapejuice.git /tmp/grapejuice" here is the link the command dose not work how do i get it to work this is probably a very dum question.
  5. My second drive that was on the home screen I'm using mint
  6. It said that I don't have permission this drives where Used in my pc when I was running windows 10.