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  1. https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Fans/RGB-%26-LED-Fans/iCUE-SP-Series-RGB-PRO-Performance/p/CO-9050094-WW https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/case-fan/sickleflow-120-argb-3in1/ At the same price, which set should i go for? Which fans are quieter?
  2. Not satisfied with the cooling performance of my Hyper 212 black RGB (Ryzen 5600x). Max temp during C23 is about 86 degrees. If I swap out the fans with a Noctua Af-120 or similar/better fan, is there still any point to upgrade to the U12s? Does the U12S have better cooling tower compared to the Hyper 212? They look similar to me.
  3. At the same price point, which one would you go for? Both have 10 year warranty. Seasonic has a silent mode, and it can be turned off too, however it uses a 120mm fan. The MSI have few reviews but seems good, and uses 140mm fan. Let me know your thoughts thank you!
  4. Strange question but can someone please show me the bios logo/loading screen logo for this mobo? Can't find it anywhere.
  5. Wouldn't that make it even more expensive? Lol. What reasons did u come up with this opinion?
  6. Seasonic is $10 cheaper. Which one would you go for? I read somewhere that the Seasonic is FDB fan, while RM650x has ball bearing fan? does that make sense?
  7. CPU is 5600x, GPU RTX 3060. Reasons to go Gaming Plus for me: 1) 2 more USB rear ports 2) Cheaper. At a price difference of $35 Reasons to go Tomahawk for me: 1) Better VRM? Although I don't plan to OC. 2) Better Sound card (ALC 1200/1200P vs ALC892/ALC897) Which one would you pick?
  8. What exactly is wrong with this PSU? Will it die sooner, or not able to deliver enough power, or will it damage other components?