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  1. that's whats i did but i still get 2 different ip addresses
  2. hey i recently upgraded my network to a 100mb and with that i got a new modem but since then i cant port anything and i have a wierd issue with my external ip adress please help
  3. Okay thanks now i need to choose between the dt990 the hifiman he400 and the momentum over the ear v2
  4. Mostly listen to music And a bit of gaming and i need some bass in them . I'm talking about the momentum over the ear the new version
  5. Hey I'm looking for new headphones what do you think is better ? (I'm open to new suggestions in that price range)
  6. thank you for all of your videos for the last 2 years!!!!
  7. i ran memtest but i cant find any errors
  8. hey i keep getting bluescreens and i cant figure it out can someone help me please? (added 2 dump files) dump.txt dump2.txt
  9. i think i will go with the 2420te
  10. i want to buy the monitor in Toronto my budget is about 300 dollars max my pc specs: i7 4770k 16 gb ram gtx 780
  11. hey I'm looking to buy a gaming monitor what do you think is better the benq xl2420t or the xl 2420te (open to other options) i want to have a 3d capable monitor and 1080p or higher with good color thank for the helpers.