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  1. Informative
    Mikealongo reacted to Zilla in YOUR STRIX 3090 WILL FAIL RMA IT NOW (Missing thermal pads,Fan noise,Coil whine)   
    Nope it runs perfectly, EVGA knows how to use stickers.......... You can't say all those people posting videos on youtube are just being sensitive? You shouldn't have too mod a card back to a working state when you spend so much cash on it, also you cant fix it unless you buy a water block because there are cutouts on the air cooler that do not allow for a thermal pad to make contact. 
    @ShrimpBrine Thank you for your feedback and good information 🙂
    1. The card has no plate on the left side to remove heat causing a louder than normal coil whine sound.
    2. There is a consistent lack of contact on 2 memory chips shown on all Strix cards.
    3. The card is defective by design
    4. Never told anyone to buy any branded card, just not Asus 
    ❤️ i am done with this post for now, please read the full post before replying and make your own mind up only after ❤️
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    Mikealongo reacted to Jurrunio in 3200 MHz RAM DOCP showing wrong CPU Z   
    your BCLK (CPU-Z calls it "bus speed") just isnt at 100MHz, more like 99.8 because the clock gen isnt that precise.
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    Mikealongo reacted to minibois in 3200 MHz RAM DOCP showing wrong CPU Z   
    You didn't mention that though, so I just went for the for the answer to the most asked question about DDR speeds  
    I don't have an explanation for that one, but I do know that - from own experience - CPU-Z always show 3200Mhz like this, so I would say it's normal.
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    Mikealongo reacted to nick name in 3200 MHz RAM DOCP showing wrong CPU Z   
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    Mikealongo reacted to nick name in 3200 MHz RAM DOCP showing wrong CPU Z   
    I'd imagine your BCLK is just a hair under 100.  Mine likes to sit at 99.8.  
  6. Agree
    Mikealongo got a reaction from zeros in 1 TB OS Boot drive + Storage Partitions   
    Sorry I dont know Why i didnt see the post
    I Colned the drive with the same capacity using acronis and then created a new drive unit with the unallocated space.
    But tomorrow i will start a fresh install of windows (im going to migrate to AMD) and i will creaete the new Drive frome the wizzard and then sellec the unallocated space to install windows ?
  7. Funny
    Mikealongo reacted to A1_Steak_Sauce in Huntsman elite vs Blackwidow elite   
    I need advice on which one to get (the blackwidow will have green switches). Best buy has a sale at the moment where the huntsman elite is $169.99 and the blackwidow elite is $134.99.
    Since the huntsman is only $169.99 i'm kind of torn whether or not to get it over the blackwidow
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    Mikealongo got a reaction from ARikozuM in Will my CPU bottleneck the 1080 or 1080 ti?   
    Thanks =D thats what i want to read =) 
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    Mikealongo reacted to ARikozuM in Will my CPU bottleneck the 1080 or 1080 ti?   
    An i5 won't bottleneck any modern card to the point where performance will degrade and the i7 will do better (obviously it would). This bottleneck nonsense is just that. 
    If you have the i7 3770, just keep it as past trends indicate that you'll have it for another 3 to 4 years before needing or wanting an upgrade.
    Edit: You want the CPU to be the weaker (but still capable) of the two components since the GPU is what draws the frames and getting a lower tier GPU for fear of bottlenecks is foolish as the stronger card will still push out more frames. 
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    Mikealongo reacted to Prysin in Will my CPU bottleneck the 1080 or 1080 ti?   
    a few% in some games, perhaps. Generally not.
    It is an i7 after all, it should mostly be fine
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    Mikealongo got a reaction from App4that in What should i do when pascal cames out   
    im okay now with a single 980 in almost every game, but in the witcher 3 i cant turn everything to ultra, with all on ultra i get 20-40 FPS and i want to be prepared to the new dlc
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    Mikealongo reacted to Godlygamer23 in IPS vs TN   
    Yes, nothing is perfect. As an Inspector for a military electronics company, I understand that nothing is perfect and you will encounter issues in some form or another. That being said, like you said, it does depend on the person and how picky they are about things. They may never notice the bleeding and admittedly, I only notice it in certain areas. Otherwise, it's a decent panel for the cost. 
  13. Informative
    Mikealongo reacted to maremp in IPS vs TN   
    Know that light bleeding is issue with all IPS panels, in my opinion it's largely overrated and there are rare cases when this is a reasonable arguments against IPS. It's accounted in the color calibration and that's not going to affect the colors, other than maybe some of the very dark color shades. If you want to save 190€, then sure, I bet you'll love pg278q just the same, when used for gaming, they still produce good image quality.
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    Mikealongo reacted to thomas1455 in What upgrade?   
    I voted for 1 already
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    Mikealongo got a reaction from LukeTim in The money must be spent xD   
    That goes so quickly hahahha as some of you said, the money is for a present, but if i dont use it it will be to pay MY OWN bills (car, phone,...) (no my family ones) and for that i have a job... And my family dont need that money to pay anything hahahaha they have enough...
    I want to spend that present money in something useful and cool and i dont know what to buy really
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    Mikealongo reacted to Edwardk326 in Need help with the cooler :(   
    Be Quite is a really good choice
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    Mikealongo got a reaction from Edwardk326 in Need help with the cooler :(   
    I finally bought the Be Quiet Dark rock pro 3 , but thanks anyway
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    Mikealongo reacted to techswede in Witcher 3 Characters.   
    I liked Lambert. His attitude to life kind of makes sense.
    Uma going "UMAMAUMA!" Was like nails on a blackboard..
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    Mikealongo reacted to Mug in Motherboard upgrade   
    Fair enough
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    Mikealongo reacted to Kiyuubi in Just finished my PC. What games should I get?   
    How about we suggest some good games instead of what everyone else is. 
    Terraria Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (comes out tomorrow) Metro 2033 and Last Light (Redux) Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Starbound Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (will have to mod a bit to get working right) Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (not as good as DaS, but still decent) Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Dying Light Garry's Mod Endless Legend Secrets of Grindea Kingdom The Curious Expedition The Long Dark  
    All that comes to mind at this moment.
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    Mikealongo reacted to Abyssal Radon in What Motherboard?   
    Nice, that would have been the one I would have bought if I was in that situation. Good luck with the motherboard.
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    Mikealongo got a reaction from AbstractView in Next Step?   
    Hmmm i dont really trust AIO liquid cooler (leaks) and i have no experience on a custom one hahahaha
    Thanks but i really want to upgrade something (is really fun to do it)
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    Mikealongo reacted to W-L in Fan Cable?   
    If you have the 760T yes you can use the manual fan controller for more connections, but as for splitting them I probably wouldn't add more than one or two extra to that controller since we don't know how much current draw that can take.
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    Mikealongo got a reaction from ToniBamboni in A budget upgrade or a tech gift for christmas?   
    already have it
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    Mikealongo got a reaction from Gidoguy in New case   
    I dont like the define s i want something not that "classic" i like the enthoo luxe and im not really sure about the phantom hahahaha
    What about the 750D airflow or the 760T?
    (OT) It was fine, at firs i was really nervous but then when they teach me where the things are and how to sell (the software stuff) i felt more confident, now my boss called me (today) an told me that hes going to change me to sell hardware and not smartphones, so great =) Thanks for asking