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  1. I have the latest drivers it looks that they didnt fixed xD If I upgrade the GPU to a 3080 or something i guess that de performance will be high even in 144o p streaming at 1080 60 To be honest, i didnt care at first about overlays or stream alerts and such, not even webcam, my main goal with the stream is to share my games and time with frinds when im able to play and just ot, but its true that OBS gives you more options that are always welcomed such as other media imputs, and such, so maybe, and if GFE doesnt fix soon, i will go with OBS streaming 720 p 60 fps instea
  2. Hi, I just downloaded and configured OBS, but with the same config as Geforce Esperience the impact in performance is huge, the gameplay becomes chopy and the FPS decreses, is there a way to configure it to have good quality and good FPS?
  3. Great!! And wich version of OBS should I use, OBS studio or Stream Labs OBS?? Ty for your help
  4. My main concern is if OBS have less quality than Geforce... Thats what I read, but I guess that most streamers use OBS Isn't it?
  5. Hi, Today I started to use Nvidia GeForce experience to broadcast to Twitch. During my first test a friend noticed that the screen was to dark, and when i watched the replay I noticed that even when i put the gamma value in the witcher 3 all the way in Twitch the image was just a litle bit brighter, but not like my actual screen Could you help me please??
  6. It was probably GOG, but they doesnt have the pink panther =(. About the abandonware, my main concern is the risk of viruses (when I was a kid abandonware alrready existed and sometimes kiked the antivirus)
  7. Im maybe wrong, but I remember that in one video Linus talked about a website where you can download/buy (cant remember) old games to play on win 10 Its just me? Do you have de website? Im nostalgyc and thinking about some old games from my childhood like the pink panther and such Thank you in advance
  8. Wow, Im on the same boat, 980 Strix and the same display, Asus swift pg278q. I have the same question too, but i think im going to buy the 3080 (the ti if they make it, because nowdays 3080 in spain are ut of stock yet)
  9. So i should run DDU just before installing the 3080 and then let Geforce Experience install the latest drivers for the 3080?
  10. Im planning on buyin a 3080 when possible and i had read everything I could about it, and it seems that everytime that something fails someone recomends running DDU... My question is, Is running DDU mandatory when upgrading from another Nvidia GPU, lets say 980 to 3080? Does Nvidia Geforce Experience does it for you? Im kind of lost because when I upgraded my 660 to my actual 980 i just changed the card itself... I just think that requiere a 3rd party aplication to run the new GPU smoothly its a litle bit strange... TY for your time
  11. CPU Ryzen 3700x Motherboard Asus strix X570 Gaming E RAM 32 GB G.Skill 3200 GPU GTX 980 Strix Case Corsair 760T Storage 1 TB Samsung 870 EVO Plus + 1 TB Samsung 860 EVO + Seagate Barracuda Green ST1500DL003 1.5TB 5900 6.0Gb/s +2TB Seagate Barracuda 7200 rpm PSU EVGA superNOVA 850 G2 Display(s) Asus swift pg278q Cooling Corsair H115i Platinum Keyboard Corsair K95 RGB Pla
  12. Still the same performance: Here is a CrystalDiskMark benchmark, but keep in mind that i dont know what im doing here xD:
  13. Its in the first one between the CPU and GPU Microsoft ones, should i change it? how?
  14. Hi to everyone, Today I installed my new M.2 drive, and I run a benchmark, the samsung magic one, I dont know how to run Crystal Disk Mark, and i wonder if the IOPS that shows are normal... I serched on de internet and watched that the IOPS are to low... My results: Another guys results: any idea??? ty
  15. I have alrready cloned the drive but now, how can I delete the content on the old one to use it as a library?
  16. My main concern is after cloning the drive booting into de m.2 having the sata one pluged in, but ther should be no problem, right? Cloning the drive first, bootin with both drives an then formating the old one?
  17. Is there any problem cloning the drive? will the partitions and probrams and such be like the drive have not changed? can then format the donating one to use as a library?
  18. Hi I just bought a Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1 TB to change my main drive (Samsung 860 EVO Basic SSD 1TB SATA3) and I want to clonate my current one. In the past i remember using a tool that comes with some WD drive (i cannot remember what one). I want to make a perfect copy from the donating drive (I think that the donating one have 2 partitions, one with windows and one for a steam library...) can you help me?
  19. My point here is that is misleading the fact that some 3080 cards have 3x8 pins (wich I can understand), but doesnt say that you need a PSU with with 3 cables because you cant/shouldnt use the daisy chained one. Its not my case but some PSU (even 850 W ones) have only 2 PCI/VGA cables... And in other way, (at least me) have never thought on puting 2 cables into 2x 8 pin instead of 1 cable with two ends...
  20. I think the same, is the new 3 cables movement that I dont understand, and having 4 of them made me think "maybe im wrong", "Maybe I will get more GPU power with 2 cables" I get that the power draw from the 980 its not the same as the 3080, but there is 3080 models with just 2 x 8 pins and some with 3 x 8 pins. so What is the best configuration? 2 cables in the 2 x 8 pins and 3 in the 3 x 8 pins? Its a mess
  21. With all the noise that the 3 x 8 Pin power headers that the new 3080 (the ones that have 3), and people saying that you will need 3 psu Cables (and no daisy chained ones) im kind of curious... Currently I have a 980 Strix (wich have 2 x 8 pins connectors) with only one cable atached (6 + 2 and daisy chained 6 + 2) I have the EVGA 850 W G2 Supernova wich has 4 VGA connectors... I should have 2 separated cables each for each 8 pin? Will I need 3 when I bought (houpfuly soon) the 3080 strix? I would see any improvement? If any (or both) are a yes, why does (6 +
  22. Hi, yesterday I bought Among Us and Hollow Knight to my girlfriend and among us runs perfectly but Hollow Knight starts and the music sounds, the cursor changes but there is no image, just a brighter and transparent layer that let see the background... My girlfriend´s laptop have a Geforce 940MX (With 2 GB i think), 8 GB of RAM and an i5 7200U, Directx 12 is installed. I tried to run it as adminstrator, with windowed mode (with the run comand in steam)... Im kind of lost here, any suggestions? Thank You
  23. It will be really apreciated. I really want the Strix OC version, but the Aorus master is great to (even the TUF one xD) At wich times did you checked? (im usually checking at 9 AM (here in Spain)
  24. In what website? Pc Compnentes is out of stock and coolmod is advertising 30 th of december... =(