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    fridgebrain got a reaction from wkdpaul in (Sponsored) What is Astria Coaxial Audio? - Liberty 2 Pro Earbuds Showcase   
    Code works in the UK now. Thanks
  2. Funny
    fridgebrain reacted to WereCatf in WAN Show SCREEN BURN!   
    Bonus points: through enough repetition, condition yourself to pitch a tent any time you hear Linus talking.
  3. Funny
    fridgebrain reacted to BigDamn in WAN Show SCREEN BURN!   
    Lower your brightness. Enable blue light filter. Switch to porn while listening to the WAN show. You have options fam
  4. Funny
    fridgebrain reacted to James Evens in WAN Show SCREEN BURN!   
    Ask Microsoft if they make the taskbar RGB. pls
  5. Funny
    fridgebrain reacted to Slottr in WAN Show SCREEN BURN!   
    Its 2019, are you using a tv from 2001?
    Come on fridgebrain, sort this out
  6. Funny
    fridgebrain got a reaction from TopHatProductions115 in WAN Show SCREEN BURN!   
    Hi all
    As a devout watcher of the WAN show, I've started to notice a problem. 
    As you are the tech guru's of the world, I'm surprised that you haven't realised that the background of the WAN show could be causing people screen burn. 
    All you need is some RGB backlighting behind the hexagons and something to break the solid colours up. 
    Come on Linus, sort this out.