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  1. question will any 16gb stick work of ddr 3 memory or to i have to be near the mhz target range of 1300 to have it work ?
  2. hello my name is jay holloway i need help upgrading my computer memory i dont want to get the wrong mhz with my motherboard i want to get 32gbs stick upgrade here are my spech the memory limit speed is 1300mhz according to cyperpower pc forgot to mention amd FX 6300 six core processor 3.50ghz 8Gbs of ram windows 10 AMD Radeon Rx 560 series i have a ashrock 760gm-hdv gaming motherboard and i am looking to upgrade to at least 32 gbs of ddr 3 memory can someone please help thank you so much kindly in advanced
  3. Hello my name is jay holloway i been using folding at home for a 2 yrs now i was wondering if i can join the ltt folding at home and use my computer power to help with covid-19 and other sickness i would love to devote my none gaming time to help LTT folding at home time but i cant find out how to join the team please help when able to thank you