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  1. did you have a chance to listen the sound that I uploaded? @ralf
  2. Yeni Kayıt 14.m4a here you can find the sound, I tried to save it
  3. Please don't forget to write the results when you change the fan. I don't have a chance to buy that product ( thermalright ) but I heard really good things about it.
  4. No problem, do you think that it is safe to change the cpu cooler's fan?
  5. I guess we are talking about the same noise. May be most of the people don't hear at all. Don't you think to try another cooler or fan? I think I can't get use to this noise, especially when trying to build a silent pc.
  6. My case is Be Quiet 500dx. Mobo is Asus b550-e. Other temps are also normal at idel. Gpu 32-33, mainboard 35-36, ssds are 40-43 degrees. Keep in mind that case fans are not spinning at all.
  7. Changing the fan with silent wings 3 will be the best solution then? Did you ever try the cooler with another fan?
  8. that's weard, Noctua should be silent... May be I should go for Be Quiet dark rock pro 4... If you increase the fan speed, is that noise still the same?
  9. NO problem with temps, cpu is around 45 degrees.
  10. Hi all, I just built a system and my specs are: 5800x cpu, u14s cpu cooler, rm750w psu, b550-e mobo, gtx 1650 gpu and 2 ssds. The gpu and psu have 0rpm mode. I selected the silent fan profile from fan xpert and my u14s fan is around 300rpm. However, I can hear the case in a quiet environment. The case is sitting under the desk and my distance is about 30-40cm. The noise I'm hearing is more likely a motor / engine noise but not like a "hdd jet engine" Is there a problem with the u14s fan or something? By the way, my 3 pure wings 2 case fans are at 0rpm, just the