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  1. no i dont have any asian games installed, is valorant asian cause i have that. for vpn i use nordvpn and im sorry i havent pressed any of the options on it i feared it might be a virus or some shit? and didnt open it, in another forum someone told me that it could be a trojan, but how can i be so sure about that ? is there a way of detecting them ?
  2. this has been popping up now it happened again about 2 days ago, I don't know what it is. Just finished running a scan with Malwarebytes and apparently I'm clean. this is an image of the error that been popping out, some of it has Chinese and Korean text on it, i am not asian, i dont live in an asian country or have any application that's chinese or korean installed in my pc that i know of other than the korean and japanese keyboard settings enabled to change keybaord layouts when i need to that comes with windows 10 https://imgur.com/gallery/3z0ZYDV i use a vpn almost 24/7 just in case