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  1. Here is a log while playing PUBG and talking in discord. You can clearly see when the base clock jumps down from 3.3GHz to 2.3GHz and i can't figure out why. When i turned the game off it immediately went back to 3.2GHz HW info logs_PUBG.CSV
  2. Could you please help me with doing that, i am not sure i understand what you mean?
  3. I have a Lenovo Legion Y520-IKBM with i5-7300HQ, 1060 Max-Q and 16 GB RAM (I know it is a little bit weak for 2021). Recently I noticed that my CPU underclocks itself when it is under load. For example when I just browse the web or talk in discord the processor sits at around 3.20-3.30GHz, but when I start playing some heavy games like PUBG or COD the CPU just goes to 2.20-2.30GHz after 3-4 minutes of play time and the games don't run smoothly. I am using HW Info and saw that the laptop isn't thermalthrottling or anything like that. I also attached a HW info log, which was made while browsing