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  1. Pics posted but im doubting their use. Do i have any hope of being able to fix it myself, or having someone be able to make a fix/adapter at any worthwhile doing rate?
  2. B b but.. the new psu even clicked into place, and i had assumed a pc prebuilt would still be at standard configs, not like a console or apple.. is that really the case?
  3. r/techsupport basically told me that they do the bare minimum to survive past warrenty, displacing any longterm issues. I truly regret just not assuming it was a faulty psu, and not caused by overstrained psu
  4. That would be my 2nd option yes, but id assumed i could solve it whilst also making sure i had a psu that was actually fit to run my gpu
  5. Yea but not to sound bitchy, but thats not helping someone who has no idea what to look for :c
  6. Old psu is making static discharge noises even when off, besides the fact that the 500w for an rtx3070 is pulling a full sized campingwagon on a trabant, as ive been told. Ive no idea how to do any adapting..
  7. I have a predator 3000 620 prebuilt, with an i7 11700 and rtx3070. Old PSU is a 500watt chicony nonmodular, which had 2 4pins and a 6pin connected to motherboard, all labeled p1 p2 p3 cables, and atx 1 2 3 on the board, and the gpu with a 6+2 and 6pin connection. New PSU is a 750w seasonic focus gold, and following it, came a standard motherboard module (24pin?) and 2x 2x4pin and 2x6+2 pcie connectors, aswell as some molex and sata modules. Ive tried connecting a pcei 6pin part to the 6pin motherboard, and the gpu with a 6+2pinx2 without the seperal 2pin, and a 2x4pin