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  1. bruv i need the tech tips my computer is being cringe and i want to get this drive working (hopefully) before i have to reinstall windows or something.

  2. I looked at that but it didn't seem to work right. Also clicking on change settings does nothing it loads (changes mouse cursor) but then does nothing and i cant select it again until i close it and re open it. (in the screenshot i cant click it again.)
  3. wiped the drive apparently it wiped 920 something gigs off of it even though its a 500 gb (bruh) disk manager still thinks its stinky and cant initialize. how
  4. Got laptop that had an extra drive in it (the 850 Evo). It comes up as a Microsoft storage space in device manager and cant be initialized in disk manager or formatted it in DiskPart Disk part said it was cleaned successfully but still cant format or create a new volume. When I tried to create a volume it said that a disk specified is not dynamic. I also tried to create a primary partition and it said: DiskPart has encountered an error: A device which does not exist was specified. See the System Event Log for more information. I do that (bruh moment) It comes up