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  1. does the 1660 super have updated nvenc encoder
  2. well, idk, i recommend contacting your motherboard manufacturer, or i think your cmos battery is dead, so get a new battery and if that does work, try to not drain your residual or disconnect it from the motherboards power that often
  3. turn off your pc, take out the cmos battery and wait a couple seconds and then put it back in in other words reset the bios, if that doesn't work idk
  4. best steering wheel with pedals
  5. is the corsair hs80 better that the virtuoso SE, in terms of microphone quality and hearing quality
  6. fresh install of windows? or just in general all you your games etc.
  7. you know in some games you press f11 to get rid of the task bar and the bar on the top, and you know how some gaming keyboards don't have the f keys, how am i going to have to full screen my game on a keyboard like that
  8. is the Gamakay TK68 Mechanical Keyboard wired or wireless, if it is wireless, do you have to charge it here and there, or is it bluetooth wireless
  9. what about the microphone, is it good?
  10. oh wow, im so lucky, oh it says i need the 3060, thank you so much!!
  11. i have noticed that you have the virtuoso are they good headphones?