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  1. yesterday i was playing a game for half an hour then my monitor/gpu started doing random thing like it's being unplugged then plugged back in for 5 minutes with white lines everytime it turns the monitor on again , then i started unplugging the hdmi cable from both my monitor and gpu, plugged it in back to both and its back to normal. this problem just happened all of sudden not after i installed any drivers or something, the last time i installed gpu driver was like a week ago. then i installed new nvidia driver and windows new update to anticipate/prevent that issue
  2. yeah i am dumb in this case, that's why i needed help. Btw, yeah I've never plug my mic and headphone jack to the front panel, always into the onboard ports on the back of my motherboard. I'm talking about this microphone boost from the control panel that will make the output buzz buzz, without the boost it's fine but too low, i need this audio manager so I Dont need any boost because this audio manager is very good. Before i upgraded my rig it was fine, but it was kinda hard tho to make thst audio manager show up took me like 2 weeks before, then i forgot how I've done it before.
  3. Just upgraded my rig recently: Asus A320M Prime motherboard So, i tried installing, uninstalling, reinstalling multiple times but this annoying hd audio manager still won't show up. Tried all the instruction that i found on every sites, like uninstalling all those audio drivers inside device manager that are hidden or not then try installing the driver again, but still it won't show up. i downloaded all the possbile realtek hd audio driver that should fit with my mobo, from asus itself , and of course from realtek original site. I need this audio manager to boost my microphone
  4. so i wanted to reapply my thermal grease today, but when i want to take off my cpu heatsink off from the processor, the processor came with it (fused, glued or something) while the socket lock status is still down (locked?). it didn't took much force to take it off from the heatsink, i succesfully put everything back on with new thermal grease applied. then i looked it up on internet, it said that i may break the processor pins if i pull the processor while the socket lock is still down (locked)? is it true? my pc is fine when i turned it back on tho after reapplied the new therma
  5. is my cpu still okay? like is it burnt already? I've only tested it for 4 hours. the idle temp stays at 52 degree celcius
  6. Hello, first of all i only understand a little about this. So, i just upgraded my old a10 7860k to ryzen 3 3200g, and i told the guy to put on the fan which is placed on the old cpu (the ryzen 7 fan) on to the ryzen 3 3200g. I bought that ryzen 7 cooler fan from a friend because he didn't need it when he built his pc and he decided to buy water/liquid cooling. installed the fan like 4 months ago on my a10, then i asked why he (the guy that is installing my processor etc) didnt put on a new thermal paste/thermal grease, he said theres already stock thermal paste on the processor, wh