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  1. I'm going to be honest with you. I've spent the past 1 week taking my gpu out, blowing over the connector, putting it back in and changing videocards even and doing it again....I have done it soo many times i could probs do it with my eyes closed. The thing you mentioned about the adapter is intriguing tho, i'll make sure my next monitor has hdmi output so i can get rid of it (adapter). Laying my pc down will be the next thing I try, so thanks for that idea. Could maybe swithing to another adapter help? like a VGA to DVI-d? or should i consider dropping the idea of using a adapter in the
  2. I have this . The adapter worked perfectly fine on my 1050ti for 3years...maybe it's that but maybe not.
  3. I have upgraded my gpu from a 1050ti to a gtx 1080 strix recently. Every now and then the monitor turns black and says: "No Signal". When this happens i'm forced to hard reset my pc fixing the problem, until it happens again. I have an average 60hz 1080p monitor with vga output, thus i'm using a VGA to HDMI adapter. I have observed that my gpu has sag, it's tilted at the end bc it's bigger than the 1050ti that I previously had. I put a toilet paper roll under it's corner to slightly fix the problem but this usually results in the fans going full jet mode....have no idea why. Please ask for any