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  1. So my friend has a pre built gaming PC from a while back. It was slow due to a HDD so I told him an M.2 would speed it up. Day came and I'm installing it for him. Unfortunately the BIOS, nor windows would detect the M.2. I messed with some settings in the BIOS to try figure it out. Finally I decided to put the SSD in the other slot and it was detected. So I try to change the boot order but couldn't find that option in the BIOS. I change some of the boot options from legacy to UEFI or something. Then I plug my USB with Windows installer on it to put windows on his SSD. The install goes smoothly
  2. Unfortunately this did not change anything. Thanks either way:)
  3. I am using the most recent version, being 7B89v2D, as I would presume this is also compatible since it came out after 2C
  4. Mobo - MSI B450 Mortar Max CPU - Ryzen 5 5600G (500W PSU, 16GB Corsair Vengence RAM, WD_Black 500GB M.2) I built this as a secondary PC yesterday. I had this red cpu led straight away and was unable to POST, so I flashed my BIOS and it was working fine. Everything was recognised in the BIOS and task manager, the cpu, integrated graphics, all 16GB of memory, my storage device etc. I got Windows 10 installed and began to install a couple games and other software. I downloaded all my drivers, too. The first thing I noticed is was that on Destiny 2, upon logging in, I wa