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  1. I have given up havent tried jumping it aha sorry, just going to get a whole new unit
  2. How would I clear this? By shorting it ? And how do I do that
  3. Where are the pwr located on this motherboard? And how do I jump it? For now I have my old motherboard installed until I can get it fixed
  4. Update: literally unplugged and plugged everything in still no power can someone else please join this and help me ?
  5. Yes, I have done that a cable called cpu on it to the top left then the 24 pin one obviously in the biggest slot
  6. I have got LED signals I think? When I just plug in my psu cable no lights come on or nothing…
  7. Right so I brought I whole lot of bits for my computer PSU (Corsair 850W good something), Motherboard (ASU’s Tuf z390 plus gaming) and Graphics card (3070ti Suprim X) I installed it all the find out it wasent showing signs of any power no light nothing, so I changed out my new motherboard for my old one (Asrock b360-HDV) and it turned on working fine so the PSU and Graphics card should be fine right? So I made a repair ticket and sent back the motherboard… BOX come back and say it is deemed at not faulty so then send it back to me. About 3 weeks later when I can be bothered to install it and I