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  1. I bought a 2TB hard drive so will definitely just replace the old hard drive.
  2. I turned on my computer and it said that Dell Support incountered a problem and a hard drive wasn't detected. The computer shut off and I unplugged it from the connections. I opened it up and removed the cables and reconnected them. Turned on the computer and it's working fine. I even restarted it and it booted up with no problems. My concern is my computer's hard drive is no good. I am desperately thinking of just buying a new computer, just the tower.
  3. I got a Inspiron Dell desktop that I wanted to upgrade the hard drive. I have Windows 11 preview version and can't find a way to backup my files. I went to updates and backup and it only had options for One Drive. I tried putting in the 2TB hard drive and said the Bios couldn't be detected. Should I go back to Windows 10 in order to backup my files? I don't really care for Windows 11 as it runs pretty slow. I ended up putting the old hard drive back inside and it worked perfectly when booting up my computer.