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  1. Cheers for that info. I think I can rule out all those things though. 1. The memory is 2400mhz Crucial and has been in the PC for 7 months. I also tried a 2100mhz Crucial dim when I was trying to rule out memory. 2. I could of course reduce the memory speed, but as above it had been running for a long time at stock speed. 3. Same board as before, B350, the replacement board is also a B350. 4. Running Windows 10 and HiveOS I might try tinkering with memory speed and timings though, can't hurt. Shame though it was a decent CPU until it decided to play at
  2. So first, 1st post. Go easy on me please. I work in IT, and I used to be a Field Engineer, like 20 years ago though. Second, I'll paint the whole picture so if TLDR; skip to that section. Back in February 2021 I got hold of a Asus m/Board, Ryzen 5 1600x and 16gb ram on an ebay combo auction. Deal was too good to miss! Built a PC from it with a couple of old ex-mining RX570 cards I also secured on ebay. Risky I know but all the kit arrived, appeared pretty cared for and best of all it all worked. I've used this kit since then, but last week I had a couple