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  1. Yeah, I asked Gigabyte directly about it but just answered back with a generic response of sending it back to the retailer for an RMA. Unfortunately doing an RMA these days can be very difficult especially with GPU's. Its just weird that it works on some games and doesn't on others. I mean PC Building Simulator is not a really demanding game vs the other games that work. So I am not sure if some settings needs to be adjusted on the mobo or something? is it a lane problem? Each stick passed memtest and even tried different drivers from the lastest one to the old ones. Tried undervol
  2. Hello, I can't seem to find someone in the forum with the same exact problem that I have. I hope someone can help. I am running out of ideas and I am having this issue for quite some time. All of the parts are less than a year old and I am not ready to open up the GPU since it is still under warranty. With that said I already had the GPU RMA’d thrice and it’s still the same problem. So, I am having doubts if its really my system or the GPU is the problem or the store didn’t test the GPU as much as I did and just labeled it as “good” after just running a few programs or games. I’