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  1. Surely the PFC will just modify the switching time and duty cycle to ensure that the input voltage and current are in phase, rather than shaping the waveform itself? A squarewave in will still be a squarewave out...
  2. Rather weirdly, in User Accounts I now have 2 Everyday accounts - one in a square the other in a circle... Oh for the gift of hindsight.
  3. It says it produces a pure sine wave, but how true is it? The closer it is to a square wave the the more high frequency 'filth' it will have on the waveform. What you need to do is see the output waveform UNDER LOAD on an oscilloscope to gauge how 'pure' it is. So try to find a helpful TV or electronics repair shop and pay them to let you see what the output looks like. If it is a square wave output, in theory, they should be able to build you a Low Pass filter box to create a more curved sine wave-like output. Or you could have it feed into an UNINTERRUPTABLE POWER SUPPLY (a second-
  4. Through curiosity I ran the Microsoft app to see if my computer would run Windows 11. What I didn't realise is that it would alter my User accounts. Previously, as a security measure, I had 'SysAdmin' where programs could be installed and changes made, but password-protected. Then there was my day-to-day account, 'Everyday' with no log-in password used, and it didn't have the same powers, no programs could be installed or changes made, they had to be done under SysAdmin.. Now 'Everyday' has gone and has been replaced by an account under my name with a Microsoft account l