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  1. Indeed, despite the setbacks it has me very excited to see if it will work. It has a theoretical efficiency (based on spec sheets) of 79% and will (theoretically) be able to power my computer for 2 hours on battery.
  2. it gets charged from a car battery charger that stops charging when its full. Yes I got some pretty fat diodes, 20A each.
  3. I am building a DIY UPS and I need 14.5V to power a 12V inverter (I checked with the manufacturer and it accepts 10.5V-15.5V) to run my computer. Since its a UPS there is a 12V battery connected in parallel to the power supply so that when the power stops it is ready to step in and power the inverter. The reason I need 14.5V and not 12V is that the 12V from the battery would naturally not want to go to the 14.5V line that powers the inverter, effectively meaning that the power supply would have a sort of "priority" in powering the inverter (also there is a diode stopping the battery from getti
  4. ok thanks for the information. I won't be pushing it more than 75% (around 65% usually) but after watching that video I am a bit skeptical. I started searching at the website you recommended and I found this one which I hope won't set my house on fire: https://www.tme.eu/cy/en/details/rsp-500-15/built-in-power-supplies/mean-well/
  5. I found a 15V 40A power supply: https://smile.amazon.de/-/en/Driving-Industrial-Switching-Monitor-Transformer/dp/B077CJ7FDY/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=15%2Bv%2Bnetzteil%2B40a&qid=1632985080&sr=8-3&th=1 It should work, right?
  6. @mariushm@akio123008 Thanks for the help. Since I was going to rectify the 12V AC anyway, I decided to take the 12V and 3.3V rails (unfortunately I need about 14.5V so a 12V rail by itself isn't enough) of 2 power supplies connect the same-voltage lines in parallel and then the resulting 12V and 3.3V lines in series, effectively creating a 15.3V 42A line (please correct me if my calculations are wrong). As for what I am building, I am making a DIY UPS. I could certainly buy one with far less than what I will end up spending but where is the fun in that? Edit: upon further thought,
  7. I need a 240V:12V transformer that can handle a lot of current (45-50A at 12V) and since I cant find any that are this powerful at stores, my second thought was to buy a computer power supply and take its transformer. Before I do that, does anyone know if a psu transformer will work for this kind of job? Thanks for your time.
  8. Hello, I am looking to run my computer (uses about 270W-320W) from a 12V 500W modified sine wave inverter and I was wondering if doing so could damage my power supply or create stability issues for my computer. Does anyone here have experience when it come to using modified sine wave inverters to run computers for a long time? Thanks for your time. I will be using this inverter (Green Cell 12V 500W).