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  1. I was trying to install 98SE but this happened It says: Windows 98 Setup-files not found If you want I can attach the img file I was using(It's in dutch though) disk01.img
  2. Ok so the installation is successful but WHY DO I HAVE 2 MICROSOFT EDGE SHORTCUTS????


  3. So I've decided to try out windows 11, but via a VM(so that if I don't like it I don't have to keep it), and it was originally windows 7 which can apparently not run the upgrade. So I decided to upgrade to 10 first but it constantly keeps coming up with this error Is this normal?(I don't know for myself because this is my first time installing windows 10, my main PC had it installed by my manufacturer) How do iFixIt?(not sponsored)
  4. 21.104 but I think I fixed ubuntu(dunno why virtualbox recommends 1GB of ram for Ubuntu though) as for the Windows 98 image, I don't actually know(It doesn't want to run on my windows 7 VM) I downloaded it from WinWorld. Also it's 98 SE-+
  5. Every time I try to Install an OS, whether It's Windows 98 or Linux Ubuntu, at boot I see this problem in VirtualBox: So How do I fix this? btw this is what it looks like
  6. I know this is unrelated but for some reason Windows XP playing random Windows XP sounds scared me
  7. So I wanted to do some testing in XP, but after entering my license key I was shocked that this appeared Now before the 30 day trial ended which was like only 10 days, I was able to use Internet Explorer just fine, so it must be something with the server, and yes, I know I can call Microsoft, but I just don't feel like calling a stranger So what are ways that I could do this?(I was also planning on installing 98 so tell me if that's internet-based please)