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  1. Well, that's what i've been thinking. But, except blindly changing parts until it works, i have no idea which one could be faulty. Maybe the motherboard ? I had a weird issue right after this crashes started where it randomly couldnt boot after replacing an HDD with my second M.2 SSD. That's when i reinstalled a fresh windows.
  2. And another crash, on the desktop this time after switching some HDMI on my gpu.
  3. Aaaaaand i just had another crash while running with ALL bios settings to default.
  4. I ma now running the computer with al ldefaults settings even if i lose perf. Just to see if i get another crash.
  5. Ok so that was rather quick. I did a bios reset (reset to default settings) and only put ram speed to 3200 mhz with everything else to auto (no XMP). It crashed 3 minutes after loging into windows. I am now running the computer after another bios reset with default speeds for everything.
  6. 3800x. I think i've seen that option somewhere in the bios. Will have a look when back from work.
  7. yeah but XMP off on my ryzen would be a significant perf loss. That's what i'm thinking of.
  8. Because, fyi, i previously ran memtest (default settings, all tests, 4 passes, no errors) and Prime95 (with and without Ryzen clock tuner, no more errors) and it still crash. Also, it ran with XMP on for like a year without issues.
  9. I'll try to turn xmp off and run memtest like a whole night or something. Or should I do that with xmp on ?
  10. Not yet. The thing is, it can be a whole week before it crashes again...
  11. Hi, I performed a full scan on my system drive. Here are the results. I also performed a quick test on my secondary drive.
  12. Here are the screenshots of Crystaldisk Info as requested. https://imgur.com/a/xkXwlcQ
  13. It do look like to me it is some SSD issue. I already ran previously CrystalDisk info, and had no errors showing up, so i didn't took any screenshot. I'll rerun it when back from work and update the post with screenshots. I had this issue for weeks now and tried to even entirely reinstall windows. The error keeps coming back, even after a full reinstall, so i doubt it's some missing or corrupted system file.
  14. Hi, This is a follow up of this issue. As explained in comments, I used my computer for nearly a week without ryzen clock tuner (and with stock settings in the bios except for XMP). It crashed again yesterday. First, LoL client went unresponsive. Then chrome displayed white pages when switching tabs. When trying to open task manager, nothing happened, as it did before in the recording. If anyone as an idea as to what could be hapening, or how i could at least get a hint, i would really appreciate it.