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  1. Thank you for the input I have a tower cooler for the CPU. I will also look into the gentle typhoons have not looked at those. I also like the idea of skipping the top fan on first go around and then determine if it is needed.
  2. have a new 4000D Airflow case and looking to get recommendations on case fan setups. I had planned to get additional fans after the initial purchase and i could look at the case. Using the system for virtualization, AI development workloads and gaming. Currently running with only the 2 default case fans and side panel removed for cooling. System build: i9-11900K Air cooler used RTX-3090 FTW3 Asus ROG Strix Z590E Questions 1. 2 x 140 fans on the front vs 3 X 120? 2. Top Fan(s) are they worth it? 2a. If yes same as question 1 2b.