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  1. The highlighted one is very hot, I don't know what it is! is it a capacitor?!
  2. Thanks for the prompt response, is it not possible to replace the faulty capacitor or diode? I've read on few forum that SSD's do come with some voltage protection capacitors/diodes so in an event like this it will act as a Surge protector, I may be wrong, please correct me if so, thought I could fix it.
  3. Recently I've upgraded my PC from ATX to Mini ITX during the process I took the SATA cable from the NZXT H1 (since it's tiny thought of using it on my other PC to replace the lengthy and clumsy SATA, oh boy! I was totally wrong, now I know I shouldn't mix up cables even if it's from the same manufacturer, but I've learned it the hard way) so now I have 2 dead SSD's in my hand, thought of repairing it with some professional help but couldn't find one around here (Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India) so I thought of fixing it by doing some DIY research, watched few videos, opened the SSD when I plug it u