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  1. I would put in place DFS and have Roaming / Redirected folders in place on both servers means that if one server goes down for some odd reason or another the other server will stay alive and keep your shares working.
  2. At work we have had a lot of dead ones.... Only reason why I prefer netgear! Never had a dud netgear! Not saying that they are crap or anything I just personally prefer netgear! (i personally use a TP-LINK router! / PFSENSE dependant on which network I'm on
  3. I was getting similar to what you had when I used to use powerline... I just ended up running a cable from the Router to the Office in the end!
  4. So you could essentially run it as a fako server. Create a folder on the root of the c:\ / storage drive that you want to use and then create other folders inside that folder that you want to share out right click and then properties and then click on sharing click on advanced sharing share and then permissions then give your user full access permissions. (you willl need accounts on the computer for every user that needs access to the system) and then you can share it with each person that needs access for whichever one. For drive restriction you would right click on the storage drive on the c
  5. Meh not that fond of TP-link I would just go for Netgear - TP link is a bit cheap and nasty unless you go to the more expensive ones - We use either Netgear / Cisco at work so I would go for a nice Netgear one! Plus cheaper if bought in uk for some reason https://www.amazon.co.uk/NETGEAR-GS205-100UKS-Gigabit-Ethernet-Switch/dp/B00AYRZYG4/ref=sr_1_1?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1469802196&sr=1-1&keywords=Gigabit+Switch
  6. FTP is an absoulute pain in the bum for port forwarding! There is two different types of FTP there is your bog standard port 21 / 20 (active) and then you have passive FTP which will use port 21 and then a RANDOM port on the server - it may be worth seeing if the router that you have has an inbuilt port forwrding section for commonly used ports and then using that rather than defining your own.
  7. Ha fortunately I have tailed my wife into making the cocktails for us So taking to much time doesnt really matter!!!
  8. Well Jagerbomb's are a little boring! (although guarenteed we will have many ) Got to have more themed fun ones!!
  9. A few ways of doing this then - install Logmein Hamachi on either side creating a Virtual network that you are both on and you can literally browse to the IP address needed - however Logmein do seem to throttle this (if I remember correctly when I used to use it to update my minecraft server like 6 years ago) However recently I have looked into something called SoftEther - which essentially is VPN over HTTPS and its great! I would follow there instructions though : https://www.softether.org/
  10. FreeNas would work or any old Linux box / Windows would work - if your not used to Linux I would just put a copy of Windows 7 on it assuming you have a licence and then jus create a folder on the route share call it what you like and then right lcick sharing and properties and then in permissions set the user that needs access to have full access permissions - you might want to turn Shadow Copy on on the C: (essentially means if something accidently gets deleted you have say 21 days of work available (changes included ) Think of it as fancy Recycling Bin for windows!
  11. Yes (the routers internal external ip) if that makes sense
  12. So port forward all the ports that you want on the Modem onto the router and then on the router port forward to the PC - DMZ occasionally is a bit buggy with a few routers especially ISP provided ones