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  1. Unfortunately it did not it tried to boot but just ends up resetting itself before windows displays at all.
  2. Yes I did in fact I made sure to select it now the system calls it windows boot manager
  3. Ok so to get things going off here are the specs Evga 750 watt bronze Gigabyte b365 dsh3 Wifi Teamgroup 2400mhz gold/black ram Segate barracuda 2 TB ST Intel core i5-9400F Asus gt 1030 Phoenix OC This is my first build lucky for me nothing went wrong when I built it/installed windows. The issue is that the last thing I did was try to pit my computer to sleep then within seconds pressed the power button. Now everytime I try to turn it on, it stays on for a second can post if I smash the del key but when it goes for boot it just dies and resets itself.