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  1. Ok fair enough, probably need more cofee. The problem I'm having is generally speaking apps are causing fileexplorer to just choke. Specifically 7zip or peazip. And yesterday I busted out re:village: the boot time was just awful. Denuvu in it and steam don't do that anyfavors. But then just about 10 minutes ago chrome and opera got angry and imploded. Because I was trying to look up something while peazip was unzipping a file
  2. Most recently Peazip. caused the entire os to just stall for about 15 minutes while it unpacked guantletdl from archive.org, and resterday. OmfG Res evil Village? the start up time time is retarded. So having had enough of that kind of stupidity. I'm hopping something can be done about it.
  3. I have a Ryzen 5. It has a quite a few cores. But I sure the F can't tell that alot of the times. How the hell do I force windows and apps to multithread, orsomething, anything to use free cores. RIght now it feels like I have just 2 cores. at best. How do get f'n windows. and or apps to actually go to a free core, and cores not being smashed from fucking awful optimization, and windows bloaty, lagyness?
  4. Hmmm. Might be a leak or the Ryzen bug. lol and yes you just sit their. Haven't seen that episode in ages.
  5. Ugh. So...let me get this right google can make Tensor and AI processing...that can't see when something is spam. eh well ok
  6. Sigh. Oh. What like making a youtube channel of their own is to much effort or something. Doesn't need to be lets plays. Could be a mixture of things. Even something podcast, and blog style would probably get them add bucks in a much more sustain...oh right that's long game thinking sigh.
  7. Hi all I was updated to Winders11, thing is, it's eating through ram, and I'm getting random bottlenecks. Someone suggested some of the bottle necking is the SSD bootdrive being just about 2 years old as one issue. I only have chrome and VLC open right now and memory 80% of memory is used. I only have 16 gigs of ram I also have a Ryzen 5. Before I plop down bucks on anything, I'd like to find out why my ram is getting eaten so fast though.
  8. AH. Wondered about that to. I'm going to hazzard a guess, google won't/can't do anything?
  9. all of the bots are jiberish name go to pornsite.com. Anyone know what's going on here?