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  1. Kid me is always behind all these.. but what can you do aight.. Yes I have thought of it for sure. Huge CPU cooler on gpu etc.. but still. THAT will be complex. Also not dustproof. And not dead silent like water cooling system that has the loud parts in a different room perhaps. If you go that for it.. why not special water cooling system that will allow me to have a dustproof pc..
  2. @IkeaGnome, @MultiGamerClub Well that's crazy.. and the cables? Will that long cables be okay to use? It's interesting though.. if cables are no issue.. you also get silence. That would be amazing. Silence is indeed something else an extreme system could give you.. I forgot about it even though it was in my thoughts before I post here. Complete silence with special foam around on the walls and a complete silent keyboard as well. #Goals
  3. Yes. But no? I mean.. it will be more complex as far as what it is as a whole system. But does that matter? If it gives you lower temps and the MOST important.. less maintenance needed.. because of 1. Dustproof pc and 2. Yes. You could make the rest of the system simple enough that it is easier to maintain and you don't have to mess with the actual pc. So what I am trying to say.. the amount of less complexity in maintenance is worth 10 times more than the complexity of the system as a whole..
  4. I'm realising there's in fact many ways to do it.. that's so cool.. and through custom made parts you could make it even lower maintenance than normal watercooling.. considering your case is dustproof. As long as you have the budget, custom made parts and well.. time!
  5. I did watch this video of his, but as far as I remember the way he made it it was not much more efficient.. he did not achieve much and he was disappointed..
  6. So basically the thought is, create something extreme so you can achieve 3 things: 1. Completely sealed dustproof pc 2. Extremely lower components temperatures 3. Designed in a way it is in fact easier to maintain.
  7. Yes.. Yes!! Something like this. Even a room specially made for it. Adjusted. But extremely efficient at the same time. Like 45 degrees full load on GPU or something silly low like that.
  8. @MultiGamerClub, @IkeaGnome, @Jtalk4456 Guys.. this is just thoughts.. say you got unlimited budget.. and you could even create a custom room specially designed to work with your cooling system. I really meant extreme. I don't think you necessarily add complexity. Plus you could perhaps even make it completely different system who knows.. with a propeller perhaps.. and make it even less complex and easier as far as maintenance is concerned and specially designed to be so.
  9. Hello, would it be possible to have a completely dust proof desktop pc if you could, 3d print your own case and create your own water cooling system? When I say cooling system I mean one that extends out of the case and one that maybe works differently.. and perhaps find a way to not only cool the water more efficiently but even heavily drop its temperature?
  10. To be honest.. I don't know why.. or maybe it's because I did reset oc to stock right after it happened and it didn't affect anything.. also I thought of the oc as safe, but I also suspect the monitor. I did not think that it was though due to the quick back to back restarts which was basically the case. I was suspecting the cable. I see.. so it could perhaps be something like that..
  11. In case someone might doubt if what I say is true and if I remember correctly.. I do. As you can understand I shat my pants when this happened. The only thing I might not remember correctly is wether it disappeared at that slow steady rate within 2 minutes or within 3-5. Pretty sure though it was a bit more that 2 because it was really slow.
  12. Yes sorry my bad. It only happened once. Never again. I see.. well I don't really worry about it.. but.. it bothers me that I don't know what it was.. I would like to know then I can prevent that from happening in the future.
  13. I didn't ask the simplest question yet: Can a GPU that is overclocked perhaps a bit much do something like that? That almost full whitish screen that is slightly transparent so I can barely read stuff behind it.. but within 3-5 minutes it slowly disappears at a slow and steady rate, even after oc is reset to stock? Or can a malfunctioning display cable do that? Not gonna ask for the monitor itself yet..
  14. Like I said this only happened once and lasted 3-4 minutes about a month ago. I know took me long enough.. it was bothering me and I thought id reach for help maybe someone knows. So basically when this happened I did not go into Bios Menu. I see.. so if I had done that we would know if it was GPU or not cause Bios menu does not use gpu right? I wish I had thought about it back then.. would have checked immediately.