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  1. You will Answer My Questions, You will Ask My Unnecessary Questions
  2. I Can't Understand What You're Saying, Thanks to the Translation, Are You a Writer
  3. let me remind you that my aunt is a flight attendant, so she is a plane attendant, but a dual citizen, both turkish and german
  4. If You Write in Turkish Thanks to the Translation, We Can Establish a Proper Diologist with the Correct Spelling Rules
  5. Let me Explain It Like This, It Is Much Cheaper Here As A Much More Expensive Unit, And My Aunt Is A Dual Citizen Of Both German And Turkish, So There Are No Tax Problems, And It Makes More Sense To Get There Because Prices Are Rising Too Much In Turkey At This Time
  6. It Would Be Better If My Budget Is Not Exactly 500 Euros, but at Most Around 500 Euros, 400 Euros
  7. I will Give the Turkish Currency (TL) The Euro Value Will Bring Me the Computer in the Configuration I Want from Germany
  8. Turkish English is my native language, I know english, but I don't know exactly what you are saying, I will speak through translation, so let's let you know ! if I come to the problem, I want to build it myself
  9. I told my aunt to buy a PC for me on Germany (i live in Turkey). Any suggestions? My budget is 500 euro.