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  1. So, I bought the drive since I needed a new drive and I knew that when I upgrade, I'll want this drive. I'm pretty sure the bios is not modded since I updated it from asus. And if this system is incapable of booting from nvme, then I want to ask about this option in bios
  2. Hello, so I have recently bought Samsung 980 Pro 500GB and Axagon PCEM2-1U. I have M5A97 R2.0 with Amd fx-6150. Before buying the ssd, I saw that in CSM there is an option for PCI/PCI-E expansion storage booting. But no matter what I try, I can't get my BIOS to detect the SSD, even after Windows installs. I had one moment when it was sort of working. I added another SATA ssd and installed system on both the 980 and the SATA one. There I could choose to boot to volume that was corresponding to the NVMe ssd, but I ran, repeatedly into BSOD. Winload.efi couldn't be loaded with 0xc000000e error co